DAP mole named Timmy Say planted in PAS

When asked what he is trying to do, Timmy Say explains that they are just playing good-cop-bad-cop. Hadi is the ‘bad cop’ while Tuan Ibrahim is the ‘good cop’. This is a fall-back plan in case PAS needs to go back to Pakatan and do a deal with DAP. So they cannot burn all their bridges and need to keep at least one door still open. Hence Tuan Ibrahim contradicts Hadi to show that DAP still has friends in PAS and that there is still hope for the future and that DAP need not write off PAS totally.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

There is an impression being created that PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang and his Deputy, Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, are at loggerheads and that the party is split between the pro-Hadi and pro-Tuan Ibrahim cliques. This, therefore, would be the second split since 2015 when the so-called ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ group left the party to form a new ‘Islamic’ party, Parti Amanah Negara or PAN.

Actually, calling the anti-Hadi group as the ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ group is not quite accurate because this so-called ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ group also prays, fasts, does not eat pork, does not drink liquor, does not gamble, does not party or engage in orgies and group sex, and whatnot, like what true ‘liberals’ or ‘progressives’ would. Hence this so-called ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ group is as un-liberal and un-progressive as the ‘other side’.

I have met many of these ex-PAS members and leaders from the alleged ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ group and not a single one would join me for a beer. In fact, they are very particular about whether the food is halal or not. They are without doubt very much un-liberal and un-progressive as the group they oppose. This so-called ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ group also believe that the Qur’an came from God or Allah and that if you died while performing jihad you go straight to heaven and get rewarded with 72 virgins.

So what, then, is the difference between the PAS and the PAN people? At least we can say the Umno people fight for Malay nationalism while the PAS people fight for Islam. What are the PAN people fighting for that makes them so different from PAS?

There is only one difference and the real reason why PAN exists. PAS will not kowtow to DAP while PAN is a creation of DAP. In the west they would say PAN is DAP’s bitch. Malays would call PAN the barua of DAP. Chinese would say PAN is DAP’s running dog. Whichever term you wish to use, the implication is PAN serves the interest and the agenda of DAP and nothing else.


Today, Lim Kit Siang asked, “Will Hadi defend his deputy from Umno attack?” You can read the Free Malaysia Today report on this matter below.

“An Umno propaganda operative using the PAS president to attack the PAS deputy president. When was there such a similar incident in the 66-year history of the party? As far as I know, such a thing had never happened before in the history of PAS. Will the PAS president come to the defence of his deputy from such Umno attacks?” said Kit Siang.

Kit Siang is trying to lagakan Hadi and Tuan Ibrahim (pit them against one another). Kit Siang needs them to fight so that PAS would become divided. If PAS remains united then Pakatan Harapan is going to be in trouble in the next general election. And that is because PAN has failed to trigger an exodus from PAS and only 20,000 instead of 200,000 PAS members joined PAN.

Kit Siang, in fact, has his Trojan Horse planted in PAS who is very close to Tuan Ibrahim. This Chinaman, who goes by the name of Timmy Say, is actually the adopted son of Tuan Ibrahim. And he is also very close to Zulkifli Sulong and Jahabar Sadiq, the founders of The Malaysian Insight.

Zulkifli Sulong used to be the editor of Harakah, the official organ of PAS, while Jahabar Sadiq was with The Malaysian Insider until it closed down. And all are aligned to Mustafa Ali, another Hadi critic who wanted Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and not Azmin Ali to be the Selangor Menteri Besar so that PAS could receive RM100 million from DAP.




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