DAP must apologise to the MACC now.

Dato’ Eric See-To

Doesn’t the Penang Govt have any direct communication with the Penang Undersea Tunnel SPV anymore and have to resort to asking over the press?

They can no longer pick up the phone to ask the company that they have awarded a RM6.34 billion project? Or are they now trying to distance themselves from the SPV despite defending them strongly for so many years?

For so long, the Penang Govt alleges the MACC’s investigations was political persecution. Now it is proven correct that the MACC had basis and was right to investigate. I am also sure more issues will come to light when MACC completes their investigations.

Lim Guan Eng and the Penang Govt should now apologise to MACC for attacking them and falsely claiming that MACC was politically persecuting DAP.

Although I believe you also owe us in BN an apology for saying we were sabotaging your project, I wouldn’t even bother asking you to apologise too.

Source: Eric See-To 

Meanwhile, the Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) has urged the Penang government to end its contract with Zenith over the alleged RM22 million payoff.

C4 director Cynthia Gabriel told The Sun the state government must show its commitment against alleged corruption by dropping Zenith.

She said C4 has found it strange that the state was unaware of the transaction.

The state government must, therefore, act and cut off the contract with Zenith to regain public trust on the matter.

“If this is not done, then the public may be confused on the matter,” she added.