DAP politicians and their incredulous claims

Dato’ Eric See-To

DAP politicians certainly have no shame when making incredulous allegations- even if it is in the state assembly.

For example, last week the DAP’s Ngeh Koo Ham made the incredible allegation in the Perak State Assembly that the fall of the Perak Pakatan state government in 2009 had led to a fall in the state’s GDP per capita.

While it is true that the GDP per capita for Perak did fall 4.48% from RM16,552 in 2008 to RM15,809 in 2009, this was due to the great global recession which had also hit Malaysia hard at that time – certainly not due to the fall of the Pakatan Perak State Govt.

Perhaps, Ngeh Koo Ham should also explain why Penang’s GDP per capita fell even more during the same period – a 10.7% drop from RM33,694 in 2008 to RM30,098 in 2009.

Was it because the DAP Penang Govt fell in 2009 – just like Perak?

Pakatan politicians should avoid making silly claims such as this. They should not abuse the immunity in the state assembly to mislead their supporters even further.

Source: Eric See-To