DAP’s New Malaysia has set us back 20 years in terms of unity and harmony

Following is an article published by NST Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

PUTRAJAYA: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today warned that disengagement between races would not be healthy for Malaysia.

“Malaysians are keeping their respective languages and culture, but still can live together. Granted, there is no racial riot, except that one time in 1969, which has not benefited anyone. What is important is for us to work together and not create animosity.

“True, there is no (racial) riot (nowadays), but there is still disengagement (between different races) which will not be good or safe for us. We must come together (including) with the other races in Sabah and Sarawak.

“If we can do this, I believe Malaysia can be more successful,” said Dr Mahathir in his speech at the first monthly gathering of the Prime Minister’s Department for 2019.

TTF: I think Mahathir is either dreaming or still in this place called lalaland…

Prior to the 14th general election, we were told that Barisan Nasional and PAS were reasons our country could not achieve complete harmony as the two were instigating the Chinese using Hadi’s proposed amend to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) (Amendment) Act 1965.

Then, when Pakatan Harapan wrested control of government, we were told that suddenly, all problems had been resolved as the races were no longer disengaged from one another but united under the banner of a brand “New Malaysia.”

Then, from out of nowhere, the Seafield Hindu temple riot happened.

The riot was the first of its kind since Mahathir left office in 2003 and cost one Malay-Muslim firefighter his life.

The riot was racially motivated no matter what the guys at Bukit Aman or Pakatan Harapan tell you.

The man who helped fuel the riot was none other than P Waytha Moorthy, a Minister in Mahathir’s government entrusted to look after the wellbeing of the people.

It was Waytha’s instigation that led to the escalation of violence and the subsequent loss of the firefighter’s life.

To date, not only has Waytha refused to apologise, Mahathir has refused to sack him despite the overwhelming public outrage against him.

Even PDRM is reluctant to act against the minister.

And here we have Mahathir telling us to come together as if nothing had ever happened.

Malaysia, the prime minister said, had been lucky compared to other countries because past leaders had seen the importance of unity and even granted citizenship to other races.

“Since Independence, political efforts were also made to include other races (in the development of Malaysia). Past leaders have agreed not to create animosity and instead come together, which is a wise move.

“We have inherited a multi-cultural country, but at this moment in time, we are still not united to a level that it should be as many still want to maintain their link to their country of origin. Thus, Malaysia cannot be perceived as one race,” he added.

TTF: As long as the racist, anti-Islamic, evangelist and chauvinist DAP is in control of government, the whole idea of having a united Malaysian race is nothing but a badly constructed joke.

Thanks to the DAP, the Malay-Muslims lost their assets to a Special Purpose Vehicle currently under the control of Lim Guan Eng and his group of evangelists.

Some of these assets were meant to generate wealth for the pilgrimage of Muslims to the holy city of Mekah.

Now, that wealth is in the hands of the evangelists.

So, on one hand, you want people to forget their countries of origins, religion and all when dealing with one another, but on the other, you get the evangelists to control funds meant for Islamic related activity.

Smart move.

In this respect, Dr Mahathir stressed on the importance of history which provided many lessons and for Malaysians to make comparisons with, warning those who forgot the lessons of history that they would be condemned to repeat their mistakes over and over again.

“I believe we don’t want to repeat past mistakes. We must know our history because it puts us where we are now.”

TTF: Correct.

Dr Mahahthir also emphasised on the importance of history for all government servants as well as politicians to understand and learn from.

“So long we remember our history, our nation will continue to be peaceful and we can secure progress as well as success that can be shared with all races equally,” said Dr Mahathir, adding that being ignorant of history would prevent a person from acting wisely.

Adapted from: NST Online

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