DAP’s Ronnie Liu suffers a bad case of amnesia

Following is an article published by NST Online complete with responses by TTF (in blue):

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP stalwart Ronnie Liu has warned Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad against a ‘reverse takeover of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) by Umno’, following a series of crossovers from Umno to Bersatu.

Liu, who is one of the new Selangor DAP committee line-up, reminded Dr Mahathir, who is also Bersatu chairman, of his commitment against accepting “frogs”.

“It will ruin whatever good things you have done for Pakatan Harapan (PH). Don’t let this happen.

TTF: Ronnie, have you forgotten how the DAP took in former UMNO de facto law minister Dato’ Seri Zaid Ibrahim?

You guys took him in on the 7th of February 2017 in a desperate attempt to convince the Chinese that the DAP wasn’t anti-Islam and anti-Malay-Muslim.

Basically, what you did was open your doors to a man from a party your own boss, Lim Kit Siang, branded as corrupt, ultra, fanatical, extreme and what have you.

Not that I have anything against Zaid, no, but does he not qualify as the biggest ‘leapfrog’ there is in the country’s political history, what with his jumping from one party to another as if the political arena was Hopscotch?

And what about the time Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Islmail agreed to UMNO members joining Pakatan Harapan as long as they were on the same page with the coalition?

Why was the DAP silent then?

Could it be that the party is ok with the idea of UMNO members joining the DAP or AMANAH but not PKR or PPBM?

Or am I wrong?

“I wonder if Dr Mahathir remembers the meeting he had with a bunch of activists and NGOs (non-governmental organisations) just prior to the general election (GE14) when he assured the group he would not accept ‘frogs’ from Umno.

TTF: Likewise, I wonder if the DAP remembers the days when Lim Kit Siang would accuse Mahathir of being a fanatic, an extremist, a tyrant and a despot.

Despite having spent thirty or so years convincing the Chinese that the former-premier-turned-premier-again was hell bent on subjecting non-Muslims to the Islamic Syaria, he went ahead and rubbed shoulders with the man without consulting anyone, including the DAP’s Central Executive Committee.

Does that not qualify as betrayal of the highest order?

“Well, I remember it because I was there, together with Waytha Moorthy. Yes, that Waytha Moorthy, the minister,” Liu said, referring to Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P Waytha Moorthy.

“I recall Dr Mahathir calling the Umno guys ‘useless’ and ‘rubbish’.

TTF: I too remember the days Lim Kit Siang used to call Mahathir a fanatic, an extremist, a tyrant, a despot, etc.

As a matter of fact, I remember how several other DAP leaders branded UMNO politicians as “Metallic Black,” “Melayu Pukimak,” “Celaka” and what have you.

I remember it all.

But you should try reminding Mahathir of these things, as you know, he tends to forget everything.

“Well, sir, if they are such useless rubbish, I certainly hope you won’t be a rubbish collector and take them into Bersatu,” Liu said in a post at patreon.com.


TT: One rubbish collector to another eh, Mr Liu?

Liu also alleged that Dr Mahathir had broken his promise on taking in former Umno members into the fold, and issued the same reminder concerning the latest exodus in Sabah.

“Dr Mahathir has already broken his promise twice, by taking in (Datuk Seri) Mustapa Mohamed and Bagan Serai MP (Datuk Dr) Noor Azmi Ghazali. Is he going to break his promise again?

TTF: Likewise, the DAP led government broke many of its pre-electoral pledges, including promises to offer free tolls and set a ceiling price for petrol not exceeding RM2 for all consumers.

It even went so far as to admit that the pledges were “cooked up” and meant only to garner votes during the 14th general election (GE14).

So what’s with all the talk about Mahathir breaking his promises?

“I respectfully remind Dr M that if he takes in these Sabah frogs who have just left Umno, it will be seen as a betrayal against the voters who elected to kick out Umno from the government.

TTF: Likewise, I respectfully remind the DAP that it needs to look into the mirror before pointing fingers at others.

“Don’t tell me now you want them to come back into the government through a Bersatu backdoor?” Liu remarked, advising Dr Mahathir to stop using shortcuts to increase the numbers of Bersatu MPs in the Parliament.

TTF: Ok, I won’t tell you.

After all, it’s already as plain as the nose on your face, unless, of course, you’re so high-nosed that it blocks your vision.

“I realise that Bersatu has only very few MPs compared to DAP and PKR. I’m sure over time, Bersatu can win more seats.

“Be patient. Why try to grow big fast (sic) like this? This is not the right way.

TTF: Yes.

The right way is to get the racist and chauvinist Lim Kit Siang to launch a couple more Langkah Kajangs to gain more seats and throw insults at a couple more state rulers for not accepting his choice candidates.

“Do you know at one time PKR had only one MP (Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail)?

TTF: I know.


“Do you know at one time DAP was reduced to only nine MPs? We persevered and we grew organically. That is the way to do it.”

TTF: Wasn’t that the time the DAP branded itself Robocop?

Yes, I remember.

So what’s the complaint?

Wasn’t that the dumbest idea in the history of Malaysian politics?

Source: NST Online




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