Dato’ Eric sticks his shoe in Rafizi’s mouth

Dato’ Eric See-To

Rafizi, do you consider Lim Guan Eng and Tony Put as cowards too?

1. YB Rafizi Ramli must be illiterate for not understanding what I wrote he branded me a coward for supposedly saying no to his debate request.

2. Did I say no to your debate request? No, I didn’t. I said one month later as I wanted to watch your on-going skirmishes with your Harapan colleagues and allies.

Which part of “ask me again one month” later does Rafizi not understand?

Is your lack of patience is what led you to conceive the ill-fated “Kajang Move” which is widely-believed to be an utter failure?

3. True enough. Hours after I had replied Rafizi, his lay colleague from PKR posted a scathing revelation that apparently paints Rafizi as a failed strategist, a person who is even willing to mislead his own party leaders and a vengeful person willing to deny his own party Deputy President from becoming Menteri Besar.

4. Perhaps YB Rafizi should debate Miss Latheefa Koya first before debating me if YB Rafizi does not agree with what she said?

If you are too scared to debate her would mean that the public perception is that what she revealed about you is correct.


5. If we follow Rafizi’s reasoning that I am a coward for not accepting his debate immediately then can I ask if Rafizi also considers Guan Eng and Tony Pua cowards too?

6. About three months ago, Lim Guan Eng said he had no choice but to sue me. However, he failed to carry out his threat.

Does this mean that Guan Eng is a coward?

7. In the end, I sued Guan Eng instead and the suit is up for case management on 20th Sept. I left it to the court to decide who had defamed whom.

8. About 3 weeks ago when Tony Pua had commented on the controversial Penang Tunnel project, I publicly challenged him to a debate on the Tunnel.

9. Tony Pua did not respond at all so going by Rafizi’s definition, does this mean that Tony is a coward too?

10. Additionally, I had pointed also pointed out that Rafizi himself is confused over his allegation about the tax collections.

11. Is he unhappy that the govt is collecting almost 50% less personal income tax due to governments efforts to lower taxes and exempt hundreds of thousands of people or is he unhappy that companies are making big profits and hence the govt is collecting higher corporate taxes despite reducing the corporate tax rate?

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