Dear Ramkarpal, please, don’t be as big a dunggu as Hannah Yeoh is

TTF: Dear Ramkarpal,

I chanced upon the media statement you issued (see below) regarding the UMNO general assembly and other related matters. First and foremost, I’d like to offer you a piece of advice – when you make claims, make sure they’re fair, well grounded, and most importantly, without prejudice.

Take the claim that “the ongoing UMNO general assembly has turned out to be an explosive forum laced with all sorts of unfounded allegations against Pakatan Harapan,” for instance. Can you be a little more specific by citing the exact allegations you found to be unfounded?

To my recollection, you only get unfounded claims whenever you attend DAP, PAN, PPBM and PKR ceramahs and general assemblies. However, I am not going cite which claim by which leader that I found to be unfounded until and unless you substantiate your claims about UMNO. I give you three days to do so.

Now, coming to the topic of Lim Guan Eng, you appeared to be speaking on behalf of the people of Penang when claiming that they had never anticipated this and that. First and foremost, stop lying. Until and unless you prove that you represent the majority of Penangites on any particular issue, speak for yourself and not on behalf of them.

That having been said, you took potshots at Najib by claiming that he took a condescending position against Lim Guan Eng (see media statement below). Now, don’t you think that’s a lie? Can you not differentiate between sarcasm and displays of patronising superiority, the latter of which was not the Prime Minister’s intent?

If you had claimed that the Prime Minister was being sarcastic, I would have gladly accepted the remark as being the truth. As a matter of fact, I would have helped explain to the people just why Najib was sarcastic towards the Chief Minister of Penang, who, to my knowledge, is the most insolent, condescending, hypocritical and despotic Chief Minister Penang has ever seen.

And, might I add, he’s a big fat liar.

For instance, on the 8th of November 2017, a day after Najib announced the federal’s RM150 million flood mitigation package for Penang, Guan Eng told newsmen that the Prime Minister never offered assistance, that the fund was way overdue as it had already been announced under a previous Malaysia Plan.


However, what he failed to mention was that the delay in channeling that fund was not the fault of federal, but the result of his administration’s failure to honour certain terms of an agreement (READ ABOUT IT HERE). These terms were read out to a press conference by Jagdeep Singh Deo himself (for heaves sake, that’s your own brother!!) on the 2nd of March 2016 and isn’t something Guan Eng wasn’t aware of.

Such ingratitude, such condescendence – and you expect Najib to sing praises for him? You are either delusional or high on weed to think the Prime Minister would have good words for Lim Guan Eng. Either that, or you’re living up to your party’s motto, which is, to “Deceive, Agitate and Patronise (DAP).”

Here you are, trying to convince Malaysians that the Prime Minister is cruel, when your own party member – and, might I add, the Speaker of the Selangor State Legislative Assembly – referred to government as Najib’s “corrupt regime.” She made that reference for the exact same reason you referred to Najib as being condescending.

Tell me, are you now going to reprimand Hannah Yeoh (READ MY REPLY TO HANNAH HERE) for her irresponsible and misleading remark? Are you going to explain to her what I just told you, that no one in his (or her) right mind would ever have good words for a Chief Minister who lies to the people?

More importantly, will you explain to Hannah how Guan Eng misled  Penangites about funds the federal government allocated to them out of sheer concern and genuine compassion?

Please, Ramkarpal, don’t be such a dunggu.


The Third Force



As expected, the ongoing UMNO general assembly has turned out to be an explosive forum laced with all sorts of unfounded allegations against Pakatan Harapan and those who seem to be aligned to it, no matter how remote.

Even singing legend, Datuk Sheila Majid has not been spared and it won’t be surprising at all if she is next falsely accused of aspiring to stand as a DAP candidate in the next general elections having had the audacity to raise very valid and genuine concerns about the mess this country currently finds itself in under this mighty government.

However, the most disgusting of attacks at the assembly so far must be that of the Prime Minister when he condescendingly said Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was almost in tears begging Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for federal government aid after Penang was hit by severe floods on 5.11.2017.

So what if the Chief Minister was nearly in tears when he requested such aid? Does this not show his genuine concern for the people of Penang at that most dire of moments?

There were many in Penang who welcomed the Deputy Prime Minister when pictures of him hugging the Chief Minister upon his arrival in the state went viral. Never in their wildest dreams did they think that their plight would be used as fodder at some UMNO function so soon after for political mileage.

The Prime Minister’s said insensitive remark further fuels speculation that the government was not genuine in helping Penangites in one of the worst disasters the state has ever seen but instead, had some ulterior motive in doing so. It was said as if we Penangites had to beg him for assistance and somehow, this was so amusing that everyone in that hall who heard him spew such venom actually laughed it off!

The Prime Minister must remember that what happened in Penang on 5.11.2017 is not something to be politicized or laughed about. To this day, people are still recovering from damage to their property while many are barely coming to terms with the huge financial losses they have suffered as a result.

The government must also understand that it is duty-bound to come to the aid of all states in times of crisis regardless of whether they are under the opposition or not. It matters not if the Chief Minister nearly shed tears when requesting federal aid for even if he did not, it is incumbent on the Prime Minister to assist in all ways possible, be it financial or otherwise, to help the people of Penang in such circumstances.

It is most unfortunate that a disaster has been manipulated to suit the political needs of individuals in utter disregard of its victims. Najib’s said remark was certainly uncalled for and is not merely an insult to the Chief Minister but indeed, to all Penangites.

Dated 8th December, 2017.


Source: Malaysia Today



TELEGRAM: Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

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