Did DAP man just say Chinese don’t mind corruption?

Lim Sian See

Chinese are don’t mind Corruption says Wong Tack, DAP. – 28 Feb 2018

“The Chinese have a proverb: ‘If the water is too clear, no fish can survive.’

Chinese can accept some corruption as long as everyone lives prosperously together and those in power don’t steal it all.” said Wong Tack.

Ah Wong… you bring shame to all Chinese lar.. Don’t equate DAP with all Chinese. Did radiation mutate your brains already?

Is it why Tokong refuses to step down as Chief Minister although charged for two counts of corruption almost two years ago?

Because DAP don’t mind some corruption as long as Tokong don’t take it all?

He left some for the other DAP folks too? So kind of him.

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Source: Lim Sian See