Do overseas voters even matter?

Jae Senn

Overseas voters.. one of those things that doesn’t make sense.

If you’ve transferred to another school, would you return to your old school to vote for the class monitor in a class that you no longer belong in, but for what you think “is for the good of your old classmates”?

Of if you’ve changed jobs and working for another company, would you attend your ex-company’s annual sales meeting, whack the bosses and then leave, although it has nothing to do with you and will not benefit or detriment you in any way, just because it’s your “duty”, or you’re voicing out on behalf of your poor ex-colleagues who are still working there, and you’re “saving the company”?

But somehow overseas voters think they’re patriotic, when the choices they make affects the rest of us here but not them. That’s on top of the fact that their votes do not matter.. it’s too statistically insignificant because the urban constituencies from where most overseas voters come often do not have razor-thin contested victory margins.