Does DAP want to save its Rocket or save Guan Eng?

So, Kit Siang needs to now consider whether he wants to save his son, Guan Eng, or he wants to save his party logo, the Rocket. He can only save one while the other needs to be sacrificed. Kit Siang, however, is trying to save both and he knows he cannot do that.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The trouble with Lim Kit Siang is he is so used to being on the attack these last 52 years since 1965 that he does not know what to do when he becomes the target of any attack. You can see in the way he responds that he suddenly becomes so amateurish and acts like a schoolboy when attacked.

Kit Siang boasts that he has spoken and written 10 million words since he began his political career half a century ago. But that does not mean he is clever. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad lagi tera. He was even once Malaysia’s Prime Minister for 22 years and yet he says many stupid things and just digs the hole even deeper when he is stuck in a hole.

Take Kit Siang’s so-called ‘strategist’, Liew Chin Tong, as one example (who is supposed to be a very clever person since he is a ‘political strategist’). He came out with a very long analysis on what Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Umno are doing wrong and what is going to happen to them in the next general election and so on. In short, Liew is saying that Najib and Umno are doomed due to their own stupid mistakes.

In response, all Najib’s Press Secretary, Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, had to do was to remind Liew that DAP’s December 2012 party election was fraudulent, as was their September 2013 party election, and that until today this has not been ratified. So this means in the coming general election DAP might be declared ‘parti haram’ and DAP’s candidates might not be able to contest the general election under their ‘Rocket’ banner.



Just a simple reminder from Tengku Sariffuddin that Liew should concentrate on his own party’s problems instead of talking about Umno and Liew already melenting and menglabah(gone into panic mode). Liew told Umno what is wrong with them and Tengku Sariffuddin, in turn, told DAP what is wrong with them as well. And DAP cannot take the heat and starts screaming and wailing.

Kit Siang also panicked and said, “DAP leaders, members, branches and supporters should be prepared for UMNO/BN’s ultimate dirty tactics before the 14GE – ban the DAP and disallow the use of Rocket logo on the flimsiest of grounds.” (READ HERE)

Yes, Kit Siang knows that the knife is at their throat. Just before the May 2013 general election (after DAP’s December 2012 party election), the Registrar of Societies (RoS) had written to them to inform them that their party election is fraudulent and that DAP has to hold it again, meaning a reelection. DAP, however, ignored this and instead held a new party election (but after the general election instead of before).

That was not what the RoS asked them to do.

In the December 2012 party election, 2,576 delegates were eligible to attend and vote. However, they found out that if they allowed all these delegates to attend then Lim Guan Eng would have received slightly over 1,000 votes instead of more than 1,600 (or the highest number of votes). So they blocked 753 delegates from attending the meeting by not sending them invitation letters and without these invitation letters they cannot enter the hall.

Then, to make up for the difference, they allowed 547 illegal delegates to attend the meeting and to vote. Furthermore, these 547 illegal delegates submitted half-blank ballot papers, which Liew later marked in favour of Guan Eng. Hence Guan Eng garnered more than 1,600 votes instead of just over 1,000 and got the top score. If not he would not even have been in the top 20 (and you need to be in the top 20 to become one of the 20 elected CEC members).

The 20-member CEC then met that same day and appointed the party office bearers, the Secretary General included. And it will be this Secretary General who will be signing the Surat Watikah in the next general election allowing DAP’s candidates to use DAP’s Rocket logo in the general election. And Kit Siang knows that an illegal Secretary General cannot sign the Surat Watikah or else the Elections Commission (SPR) will reject that Surat Watikah and they cannot contest the election using the Rocket logo.

And this is why Kit Siang suddenly melenting and menglabah. He knows if they follow the directive of the RoS and hold a reelection then Guan Eng is not going to win. That is because they need to go back to the 2,576 delegates list of 2012 and not the new delegates list. And Guan Eng will be struggling to win even 1,000 votes and will not be in the top 20 list. But then, if they do not hold a reelection, the DAP candidates will not be able to use their Rocket logo in the coming general election.

So, Kit Siang needs to now consider whether he wants to save his son, Guan Eng, or he wants to save his party logo, the Rocket. He can only save one while the other needs to be sacrificed. Kit Siang, however, is trying to save both and he knows he cannot do that.




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