Don’t shift the blame to federal for your own stupidity

Lim Sian See

Those DAP ADUNs, EXCOs and Chief Minister in Penang who are trying to blame the Federal Govt for the recent floods by citing the delay in the RM150mil Sg Pinang flood mitigation project should read this.

Blame your Penang EXCO Chow Kon Yeow as well as your need to do more “studies” as he had clearly stated that this project can only start in the last quarter of 2017. Don’t blame Fed Govt as they already gave you the money.

Just blame yourselves that you all can sell tens of billions of state land and assets, increase your yearly state operational expenses 500%, can pay RM305 million for reports – but can only spend RM11mil per year of flood projects since 2008.

Blame your own DAP govt for diverting the money away from floods and for your own incompetency to quickly settle the flooding issues.

Blame your frequent botak-ing of dozens of hills and hill-slope development.

Or blame bad fengshui.

Don’t try to tai-chi to Federal Govt.

Penang’s planned flood mitigation projects can only start towards the end of the year, and will take up to three years’ to complete, a state executive councillor said today.

State executive councillor in charge of flood mitigation Chow Kon Yeow said this was because the relevant tender process and other studies needed to be carried out first.…/tender-process-blamed-f…/