DPP Hamdan Hamzah may have subverted Adib Inquest

Another Brick in the Wall

Adib (left) and DPP Hamdan Hamzah

The withdrawal of the Seafield Sri Mariamman Temple Committee’s applications related to the Inquest on the death of fireman Muhammad Adib raises concern over the coordinating DPP’s actions.

The DPP, Hamdan Hamzah, submitted an affidavit stating that Adib’s death was not due to the fireman being beaten.

His affidavit was made when the Inquest was still on-going and could be viewed as influencing the outcome of the Inquest.

This can amount to contempt of court. But why did the coroner allow it?

The DPP’s role in coordinating the inquest is to arrange for a witness to present his (or her) account to the coroner, who is a court magistrate.

As seen in the Teoh Beng Hock Inquest, the DPP submitted his affidavit only when all witnesses had submitted theirs.

In the case of Adib, the DPP’s submission encouraged the committee’s withdrawal, which proves he had influenced a party involved with this Inquest in a way that could have been favourable to the committee.

Suspicous cover-up from the start? 

From the moment the police announced that there will be an an inquest into the death of Adib, many suspected that Tommy Thomas would cover up for his fellow Indians.

Also, there was suspicion that the whole affair was to shift the investigative microscopes away from Cabinet Minister Waytha Moorthy, whose statements were seen as racially provocative while his wild accusations infuriated the majority of public.