Dr M, even a robot couldn’t possibly have shaken 55,000 hands in 15 hours


Dr Mahathir Mohamad claimed yesterday that he shook hands with 55,000 people in gratitude for having “crippled the law of tyranny.” The Prime Minister was reported by Free Malaysia Today (FMT) as having said this during the Cabinet’s Hari Raya Open House do in Putrajaya yesterday. Now, let’s take a moment here to do the math.

For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that Mahathir did shake 55,000 hands and spent one second shaking each person’s hand. Under the circumstances, he would have had to spend 55,000 seconds or 15.28 hours in total, standing there alone like a moron to soil his hand with the sweat of 55,000 people. But that would have been impossible, considering that even a robot would need to let go of one hand before attempting to shake another.

So you see, even in this hypothetical scenario, the Prime Minister would have had to spend 55,000 + 55,000 – 1 seconds – to say the least – to shake the hands of 55,000 people. Under these circumstances, he would have had to spend at least 30.56 hours standing there alone like a moron just to shake the hands of 55,000 people. But did we see him do that?


The last I checked, planet earth makes a full rotation around its axis once every 24 hours. But the Raya do did not even last 15 hours. And even if it did last 30 hours, not even a robot would have been able to shake 55,000 hands in 55,000 + 55,000 – 1 seconds even if the ‘people’ who shook hands with this robot were themselves robots moving on a conveyor track.

Nice try Mahathir.

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