Dr Norlela Ariffin is a lousy politician

William Cheah

YB Dr. Norlela Ariffin is a lousy politician. Horrible and terrible politician. That’s the truth like it or not.

Firstly, she doesn’t even use the Yang Berhormat title that often. When I first met and spoke with her, one of the first things she told me was not to call her YB. Just call her Norlela. It’s only me who can’t seem to ignore this and keep calling her YB. I feel uneasy not addressing those who deserve the title that they have earned.

So yes, she’s a lousy politician. Which good politician after all, doesn’t want their achievements and positions shouted out loud right? Tsk tsk tsk.

I met her first during the Penang Floods last year. And she just couldn’t act like your normal politician to be honest. I mean, which good politician in their right mind would go down to the field every minute possible and yes, literally ensure that the needs of her constituents were met? She should, as a good politician, focus on giving press statements, media releases etc. Especially since her constituency was amongst the worst hit. After all, the priority of a good politician should be getting the most publicity for his/her party, isn’t it?

But no, she had to call me on a daily basis to be updated so the required supplies would be sent. Sometimes till after midnight. And surprisingly, she did this for areas not under her juristicdtion either. She often came to me with requests for other areas. Come on la… why waste time being concerned about others who will never be voting for you right?

And unlike the Sg. Dua Adun and MP (from BN I believe), the 7 days we were engaged at over there, we had her visiting us everyday, offering us whatever help she could. It’s about 40 minutes from her office to our Disaster Relief Centre. Such a waste of her time which could have been better spent protesting or arguing about much bigger things like 1MDB, Penang Tunnel etc etc. Until today I don’t know what the BN wakil of that area looks like even though his office is just 2 minutes walk from our centre. I guess it’s all about priorities.

Speaking of which, for all the time we spent talking and discussing things till now, not even once did she ever speak bad about her political opponents nor the issues she faces with her own coalition. It was all about the needs of her constituents and her plans to improve things. Not one bad word or kecaman. Never anything impolite. Which of course, regardless of which side you’re on, is a must have skill and tool of a good politician today.

So there you go. Why I believe YB Dr. Norlela Ariffin may be the worst politician in this country.


But… She makes one heck of a Wakil Rakyat if you ask me and why I will not hesitate to put every ounce of energy and resources available to me to support her campaign.

A Wakil Rakyat, not a politician is what I am looking for. And they don’t have to be the same creature. I know what and who I would vote for to make this a better nation.

Make your stand count in the right ways and not on the blindness of colour. I support based on proven actions, not fiery rhetoric.

Source: William Cheah 



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