Eric: Crowd was shocked when I told them the truth

Dato’ Eric See-To

Yesterday, at my forum in PJ I explained more about the various scandals that Selangor and Penang governments were facing.

Many in the crowd were simply not aware of these despite these being carried by the media. I believe they were shocked when I told them the details and it would be hard for them to deny there is undeniable truth in what I said.

Then I explained that the reason that many did not know about this is that many would be scared to share bad things about Pakatan or good things about BN because they are scared to be branded a macai or chowkow.

I said that this is a dangerous situation as it allows Pakatan to abuse their supporters’s trust and continue their wrongdoings.

I also noted that the definition of Pakatan cybertroopers’ term of running dog or chowkow seems to be “people who tell the truth but the truth hurts Pakatan”.

So, do not be afraid to be called names if you are telling the truth as even senior DAP leaders with decades of loyalty to their parties such as Tan Seng Giaw and Boo Cheng Hau are also now called running dogs by them – just because they told the truth.

The public and the media must be fearless to hold Pakatan accountable as well.

Source: Eric See-To