Eric: Rattled by MACC arrests, Selangor govt is on the offensive

Dato’ Eric See-To

The Selangor Govt appears genuinely rattled and has gone into over-drive after 7 persons got arrested and RM87mil in bank accounts frozen by MACC.

After that incident, this is what happened.

1. The Selangor MB office, two current MPs in the form of Khalid Samad and R.Sivarasa and one former MP Dzulkefly Ahmad issued a statement to attack me – all of whom claimed that the RM1.18 billion sale of 2,200 acres of land is a private deal and nothing to do with the state govt.

This is despite them earlier praising the RM1.18 billion sale for over a month saying it is a “win-win” deal.

2. The Selangor Govt then handed out a 19 page FAQ to the press in a special briefing but barred several press from attending that briefing. However, the 19 pages explanation failed to address the core issues of why there were 3rd parties paid at least RM262mil out of the RM1.18 billion including one particular consultant group that was paid at least RM102mil for their services nor explained what did these recipients do to receive such large fees when the settlers themselves only got RM300mil.

MACC had done a forensic audit on those payments to 3rd parties before moving in to arrest those people and freeze the accounts.

3. Menteri Besar Azmin Ali then slammed the MACC for allegedly “threatening” the Selangor Govt without mentioning how exactly is the MACC threats.

Azmin betrayed the trust of two UMNO leaders and told the media about their private conversations. Whether or not it happened is another matter but even if it did happen, it would have presumably been held in good humour or small talk and certainly not a serious discussion.


Azmin also asked “Why is Umno angry with me for helping 980 people?”.

To which I say it is true that you helped the 980 people receive compensation based on a value for their land 20 years ago but you also helped 3rd party consultants and the two “crony” companies make many times more money than the settlers.

Also, the public should note that there are two different “settlers committee” – the original committee (team Asal) and a new committee set-up suddenly in 2014 and who appointed PKR MP R.Sivarasa’s firm as their lawyer (team Baru).

Team baru held a PC two days ago with a dozen or so settlers saying they are happy with the Selangor govt’s settlements while team Asal held a protest and PC yesterday where more than 100 Ijok settlers attended to criticize the Selangor Govt for unfair compensation to them.

Members of team Asal also recently filed a court action against the Selangor Govt while about 50 of their members are also giving statements to MACC yesterday and today where they will also be asked if they have knowledge how a new team baru committee suddenly came into existence in 2014 and if they were consulted.

Since the Selangor Govt had also refused to answer my call to stop washing their hands and denying they had anything to do with the RM1.18 billion sale and has refused to reveal the consent judgement, the settlement agreements as well as the supplementary agreements to prove that the information in another court judgement on a related case, which stated the Selangor govt had full knowledge and support of the settlement, which I had revealed earlier is false.

Since the Selangor Govt still refuse to reveal all three documents, I will release one of them now.

This is the full consent judgement entered into by the Selangor Govt. It is a public document that anyone can request the courts for.

Despite the Selangor Govt saying the RM1.18 billion sale of 2,200 acres was a private deal and had nothing to do with them, the parts boxed in red in this judgement proves that the Selangor govt had agreed to stop the process of land acquisition for land totaling 2,200 acres.

All of which were then sold for RM1.18 billion and the name of the buyer is also in the document – proving again that the Selangor Govt had lied.

Perhaps now the Selangor Govt can now admit that they are fully in support and aware of at least RM262mil out of these RM1.18 billion were paid to consultants and 3rd parties and explain what is the nature of their work that justifies such high payments?

Azmin Ali should also stop warning the MACC and allow them to do their work.

If there is no wrong-doing, why are you afraid of MACC’s investigations?


Source: Eric See-To



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