Eric to Chow Kon Yeow: Don’t pretend you didn’t see this question

Eric See-To

Experienced road contractors say the consultancy fees for the studies of the 3 roads (related to the Penang Tunnel Project) totalling RM209mil are overpriced, the Board of Engineers say they are over-priced, the Works Ministry said they are over-priced (twice).

Only Chow Kon Yeow still insist that they are not over-priced.

This question was asked two weeks ago but has been met with deadly silence from the Penang Government ever since.

So I ask Chow Kon Yeow again: If the consultancy fees for the studies are not over-priced then how did the newly set-up tunnel private company make such super-normal profits?

Please answer. Don’t pretend that you did not see this question.

Can reporters ask Chow for his response?

Eric See-To.
Deputy Director,