Exclusive: Clare Rewcastle Brown: Half a million reasons why


After Sarawak Report’s defamation campaign against Corruption Watchers and Rewcastle’s total disregard to the allegations made in our previous article, we hereby present you the evidence of the dirty Pestalozzi-CRB connection, which worth to Rewcastle no less than Half a Million Euros

As most of you must remember, on our recent entry of Corruption Watchers, we have revealed the dubious connection between British blogger and nature advocate, Clare Rewcastle Brown, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sarawak Report, and the anonymous Swiss billionaire Martin O. Pestalozzi. We showed you how Pestalozzi, who is deeply invested in the wood exporting business uses Brown, her public persona and mass media access in his plan to gain field dominance over the global teak industry. The main reason behind the decision we took to go heads deep with this story was the fact that we could not just stand on the sidelines and stomach the thought that someone who is wearing the shield of a corruption fighting knight, swings his “justice sword” for a whole different and rather shady agenda.

Soon after the release of the article, Corruption Watchers became the target of a non-stop, massive slur campaign. This crusade was led by Brown herself and backed up by her angry mob of a devoted yet blind supporter community. Their main dispute over our arguments was that the evidence and sources we have mentioned to have before do not exist. That was part of the reasons we decided to release a follow-up piece, this time with cold hard proofs to back us up.

On July 10th, Brown has uploaded her response to the facts we published to her blog, Sarawak Report. In her post, instead of responding to the allegations against her and her platform, she chose instead to attack our intentions and tried to smear Corruption Watchers’ reputation as an impartial source of information. We couldn’t even begin to explain how out of touch with reality and bizarre were her accusations against us, claiming we are a “pen to hire” working for Najib Razak, the Malaysian Prime-Minister.

Clare Rewcastle Brown has knowingly decided to avoid any real reference to the facts we initially published- namely Pestalozzi being a donor of hers as well as his financial interests to invest in her blog. Instead, she essentially “walked between the raindrops” in her response, evading any factual argument while trying to deceptively move the focus to our own alleged “hidden” motives.

We can reassure you, dear readers, that we have released our last article based on a long process of data gathering from various reliable sources, and that it was done for the sole purpose of revealing the misconduct of someone we once considered to share a common goal with. We do not hold anything against Ms. Brown and have no connection to her adversaries; on the contrary, a rapid glance over our older posts will demonstrate to any reasonable individual we take pride in our objectivity and our relentless battle with corruption.

Here before you is a fragment of the evidence and documents that led us to publish our last entry, for your judgment and conclusions. We truly hope Ms. Brown would come to her senses and release a proper and sincere announcement regarding her relations with Pestalozzi, and her problematic funding sources.


Clarification: Some of the materials presented before you were edited out or partially redacted, that is in order to keep the privacy of individuals who were not directly involved with Pestalozzi’s scam, as well as the discretion of our sources. Although we currently possess more of these incriminating files, we believe that the documents disclosed here are plenty enough to prove our arguments.

The two-facedness of Clare Rewcastle Brown –The evidence come to light

Mail correspondence showing Bruno Manser Fonds (BMF) and Clare Rewcastle Brown as main beneficiaries of the multi-million fund, the Pestalozzi Foundation. Brown’s name is mentioned alongside Pestalozzi’s most notable charity organizations.

We could not help ourselves but wonder, how exactly a British blogger that devoted her life to the sole purpose of uncovering corruption in Malaysia, fits in with the rest of these beneficiaries?

Pestalozzi Foundation Limited, the vehicle Martin Pestalozzi uses to transfer the money into Brown’s bank account, is registered (conveniently enough) in a very “offshore-like” manner on the British Virgin Islands, the well-known tax heaven. We must say it was quite a surprise to discover Clare Rewcastle Brown is being paid via a BVI offshore. With the echoes of Panama Papers still resonate all over the globe, a corruption fighter with pure intentions of bringing justice across such as her, should definitely know better.

As you can see in the following scheme, for paying his beneficiaries Pestalozzi uses the combination of tax heaven registered entities and tax exemptions granted for his so called “donations”:

Our source in the BVI has provided us with another example of a trust owned by Pestalozzi, registered on BVI lands – Round Enterprises Ltd.

According to our source, over the course of 3 years, more than half a million euros found their way into Brown’s Lost World Productions bank account. The money was channeled directly from Pestalozzi’s foundation fund.

It seems that sometime during the year of 2015, both sides realized the dangers of this relationship becoming public, and decided to move the transactions into a more secured channel. Our sources have provided us with findings regarding the transactions beyond 2015, we are currently cross-examining it, before releasing it in a detailed comprehensive report.

If you made it this far down you can tell it yourself by now, it does not take a genius or an imaginative mind full of conspiracies to see why Ms. Brown will keep avoiding Corruption Watchers’ allegations. As her problematic financial connection to Pestalozzi runs deeper than what we thought at first. The symbiotic nature of Rewacstle-Pestalozzi’s harmonization puts one big question mark above all of Clare’s agenda and purpose.

It is now for you alone to judge, should you blindly trust future publications of Sarawak Report or will you try to look harder and see the hidden “Pestalozzian” agenda being promoted between the lines.

We are still waiting for a decent response out of Ms. Brown (or Pestalozzi), this time we hope it will come without trying to brand Corruption Watchers as cheap propaganda while falsely diverting the focus towards us.



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