‘Exploding’ in Guan Eng’s face

Guan Eng previously said Lynas is a “loji nuklear” that might “meletup.” Source (pic): TTF Files

Helen Ang

BELOW: It is the Harapan supporters whose HOPE has turned into ash

Beloved Tun says Malaysia will look to spreading out the Lynas waste in the spirit of ‘shared prosperity’ – see Malaysiakini report above. First destination for the waste dispersal ought to be the Penang areas of Bagan @ P.43 and Air Putih @ N.23.

But please beware so that the “radioactive” Lynas waste does not turn Lim Guan Eng’s pristine Air Putih into Air Toksik co-prosperity biosphere.

Our current Dear Leader has decided – unilaterally as per usual – that Lynas will remain in Malaysia and continue operating with impunity (see Bernama article above). 

Reacting to this piece of news, the country‘s shadow ‘Boss’ @NajibRazak trolled “Apa khabar?” to Guan Eng, and tagging his tweeted photo of Guan Eng below with hashtag #XMen.

Guan Eng previously said Lynas is a “loji nuklear” that might “meletup” (err, possibly anytime) – listen yourself from the full video clip below.

Many green-clad Himpunan Hijau demonstrators believe “No Lynas, No Mutant” and hence Najib’s X-Men allusion is apt.

The ‘Stop Lynas’ Chinese group below had also called on Lynas to “balik kampung, tanam jagung”. Urm, it now looks like they’re the ones to balik kampung while Lynas stays put because the prime minister has decreed.