Fish Democracy

Raggie Jessy

Dear readers,

The media and the internet are very potent tools with which democratically elected dictators hypnotise the masses. For centuries, the greatest of philosophers have spoken about lazy societies, herd mentalities and how people were easy to manipulate because they seldom checked facts.

It’s political science 101.

People can be brainwashed into accepting anything. If the six or seven odd billion there is the world over can believe in an invisible God, anything is possible. If the courts can accept people swearing by this invisible God but need proof the minute someone claims aliens exist, you know that the world you live in was founded on the “wisdom” of majorities” typically demarcated by the powers that be.

That’s hypocrisy 101.

Now, I’m not saying a God doesn’t exist. On the contrary, I’m saying that humans are hardwired into mainstream dogmas and thrive on communalistic mindsets. For instance, if a government were to keep repeating that a cow is God, over a century or two, you’d actually find communities worshipping cows, hoping that some day, the animal will start talking and moo them a prayer.

And that’s herd mentality.

Like it or not, it’s herd mentality that helps “democratically elected dictators” turn untruths into truths. Together with media, these dictators turn people into their ‘agents’ and get them to voluntarily ‘victimise’ those who see things differently. It’s really a case of a fish in a bowl, looking out at its captor and saying, “boy, that guy sure as hell doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

And that’s fish democracy.

And from where I stand, this “fish democracy” seems mighty big and has fish of all sizes swimming aimlessly in it. These fish have but one agenda – to keep on swimming. So big is the aquarium, even if I were to shatter the glass, there’d be enough water for the fish to continue swimming until the life in them runs out. Heck, I may just end up drowning myself.

So what do I do?

Well, I’m gonna learn to swim.

Raggie Jessy
The Third Force