For Anwar, it’s hate, hate and more hate

TTF: See the news item below. Now, I’ve said it before – there is always a time and season for every purpose under the heaven. There is a time to be born, a time to die, a time to plant and a time to reap. When Najib paid Anwar a visit in hospital, he knew that the time was to heal, not kill.

But for Anwar, it’s always the kill.

For him, there never is a time to sow the seeds of love or to cast away the stones of hatred, a time to embrace the adversary or a time to speak of peace. As far as he is concerned, the road towards Putrajaya is forever strewn with hurdles of hatred, which explains why only Najib is amidst the clear waters, not him.

PUTRAJAYA: UMNO president Najib Razak told the party general assembly today that Anwar Ibrahim had mocked him after he visited his opposition party rival in the hospital last month.

“It was only a visit. I visited him in the hospital when he was ill because he is an old acquaintance. And that was why I brought my wife along,” Najib said in his opening speech at the 71st Umno general assembly.

“But it seems that my sincerity was mocked. In fact, someone has crafted a pantun (poem) about it.”

Najib raised eyebrows when he visited Anwar in hospital last month where the latter was recuperating from surgery on his right shoulder.

Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor’s visit was shared on Twitter.

Anwar has since received visits from Najib’s deputy, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz.


Soon after Najib’s visit, Anwar had sent him a poem in Bahasa Malaysia that conveyed the message that although the gesture was accepted,  the two would still be political enemies in the 14th  general election.

“Tuai padi antara masak, Esok Jangan layu-layuan, Ziarah kami antara Nampak, Esok pilihanraya lawan tetap lawan”

Today, Najib responded with a pantun of his own:

“Burung Merpati Terbang Sekawan, Hinggap Seekor Di Atas Dahan, Kita Sahut ‘Lawan Tetap Lawan’, Di Pilihanraya Bertarunglah Seperti Anak Jantan.”

It means Najib has accepted the gauntlet thrown down by Anwar and that they will fight like men in GE14.

Anwar is serving a five-year jail term for sodomy.

Source: The Malaysian Insight



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