Forget national car, focus on public transport, Mahathir urged

The Mole

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s proposal to start a new national car project does not seem to go down very well with the general public who prefer the government invests more to improve the public transport.

Many expressed their disagreement with it in cyberspace, telling Dr Mahathir to set his priority straight and improve the country’s financial position before even considering such a venture.

Vivian Yap, tweeted her belief that now is not the right time to have a new national car company.

“Proton may have been sold to Geely but this is not the right time to have ideas for new national car development, we are in debt,” she said.

Willie Ong believes that the government should focus more on public transportation instead of setting up another car manufacturing company.

“Please lah Tun, we don’t need another national car company, use the money to improve our public transportation instead. We never voted for a new national car company,” Ong tweeted.

Murali Krisnan, in a tweet, questioned why a new national car company is needed and expressed fear that Dr Mahathir’s new national car would  increase the price of imported cars.

“I can’t see the light of why a new national car is needed when the market is already giving people all they need. Can we hope for a car with superior international standards?” said Krisnan.

Also against the idea of a new national car company was Aruna, who pointed out how the first national car manufacturer Proton has been “an unproductive mega project”.