From Penang Undersea Tunnel to Ayer Hitam : DAP’s recent actions betray their vindictiveness and desperation

Dato’ Seri Wee Ka Siong

1. Penang CM Lim Guan Eng has used various illogical excuses to avoid debate with me on his Penang Tunnel scandal. From saying that DAP has more seats than MCA to insisting that he is number one in DAP and cannot debate me as a number two in MCA and now the latest being that they can only debate UMNO and not MCA because they respect UMNO.

2. At least six persons have been arrested by the MACC while the Penang Undersea Tunnel company itself has admitted that RM22mil in cash has been paid to two individuals in a failed attempt to stop corruption investigations into their project.

3. Two days ago, I have also detailed in great length and with documented proof on how this Tunnel scandal and its related projects will eventually cost the Penang people RM20.5 billion in negative impact due to the heavily lop-sided agreement as well as the Penang Government’s wrong-doings. (See the video here:

Unsurprisingly, DAP’s response to this yesterday is illogical, misleading and patronizing.

4. Recently, DAP’s de-facto leader Lim Kit Siang, DAP’s publicity chief Tony Pua and five other DAP MPs including one from Penang were asked by reporters in parliament for their comments on the Penang Tunnel. This group of DAP MPs merely brushed off the reporter by saying that they cannot comment as they “do not have all the facts”.

5. To independent observers, these excuses to avoid debate do not make sense and DAP’s continued evasion merely reaffirms that DAP is desperately trying to hide their RM20.5 billion scandal.

6. Instead of admitting failure and coming clean, DAP’s vindictiveness and desperation to hide their scandal is clear in their recent actions in my own constituency of Ayer Hitam in Johor.

7. Initially, it was agreed that this parliament seat was given by DAP to Amanah to contest. However, after I started to question the DAP Secretary General ‘s scandal, it was announced that the seat will now be taken back from Amanah for DAP to contest.


8. Shockingly, it has been widely speculated in the media that two current DAP MPs including the DAP Johor’s state chief will now be transferred from elsewhere to Ayer Hitam to contest in my area – a sharp turnaround from a month ago when DAP was not even interested to contest here. Meanwile, another current DAP MP is tipped to contest in DUN Yong Peng, a state seat under Ayer Hitam Parliamentary seat.

9. On top of that, DAP had also announced that they will hold their anniversary in Ayer Hitam and deploy Tun Mahathir to their event on Sunday to announce DAP’s candidates here.

10. At the same time, DAP’s head honcho Lim Kit Siang has written two statements in a row to criticize me for daring to ask questions about his son’s mega-scandal.

11. I am confident that the people in Ayer Hitam can see through DAP’s desperation to hide their scandal and their bitter vindictiveness.

12. The wise people of Ayer Hitam will easily see that DAP is not sincere in serving in this area and have resorted to parachuting candidates from elsewhere in an attempt to avenge their Secretary-General and attempt to keep me busy here so that I will not be able to continue my questioning about their RM20.5 billion scandal.

13. I remain confident that the people in Ayer Hitam can feel my sincerity, remember my track-record in serving them all these years and remain aware of my plans to do more for the people here.

14. To Tun Mahathir, Kit Siang and the rest of the DAP who have now set their sights on me, I bid you welcome and may the best person win.

15. After all, this is democracy.



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