G3 deserves a spot in history textbooks

“Teo should consider entering in history books the day 1.5 million Muslims got together and performed the Solat Hajat Berjemaah on the streets of Kuala Lumpur in what was the biggest solidarity march ever in our nation’s 61-year history”

RJ Rithaudeen

Following is an article published by NST Online complete with responses by RJ Rithaudeen (in blue):

KUALA LUMPUR: Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching has denied the allegations that she had planned to change the History subject for primary and secondary school.

Claiming the allegations were fake and baseless, Teo also warned those responsible to retract the report.

“I deny the allegations and warn the respective parties to withdraw the report immediately, or I won’t hesitate to consider taking legal action as the report is tarnishing the ministry’s and my reputation,” she said in a statement today.

RJR: Actually, it’s high time that Pakatan Harapan considered expanding the history books to include two pivotal events that took place in recent times.

The first has to do with the establishment of Gagasan Tiga (G3) on the 1st of November 2018.

On that day, almost 60 NGOs agreed to partake in a Muslim-led unity coalition to defend Islam and the rulers and to strive for unity among members of the ummah.

G3 currently has almost 200 NGOs backing it with a dominion of influence spreading all across the west and east of Malaysia.

Not only is the coalition the biggest of its kind our country has seen, its establishment is reminiscent of the day several Muslim fundamentalist and nationalist groups got together to set up UMNO at the Palace of Johor.

In that sense and that sense alone, the 1st of November 2018 was semangat 1946 all over again, albeit bigger, stronger and much more refined.

Teo should also consider entering in history books the day 1.5 million Muslims got together and performed the Solat Hajat Berjemaah on the streets of Kuala Lumpur in what amounted to the biggest solidarity march ever in our nation’s 61-year history.

Let’s prove to Malaysians, that while history may be written by the victors, even the victors have a conscience towards truth and justice.

Teo said the Primary School Standard Curriculum (KSSR) was last revised in 2017.

“On the same year, a committee for History curriculum and text book was also established, while I was only appointed as deputy minister in July this year.

“Therefore, it is impossible for me to interfere with the revised History curriculum, let alone to appoint DAP team or Chinese non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to include DAP’s history in it.

RJR: Wrong.

It is all the more reason for you to seek a revision.

History needs to be dynamic, not static.

Set up a revisory committee to meet twice yearly to discuss current developments and consider the best way history ought to be presented based on new discoveries and findings.

“Meetings held between NGOs and the committee only to give suggestion on KSSR and Secondary School Standard Curriculum (KSSM).


“I believe that the committee panels had made the right decision in revising the History’s curriculum,” she said.

Teo said while she respects the freedom of speech that is being upheld by the new government, she hopes that the public will not spread baseless and defamatory statements or reports.

RJR: Fine.

But start owning up to your voters by showing them that you’re fair, not biased.

G3 deserves a spot in the annals of Malaysian history.

Source: NST Online

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