Gobind proves Pakatan hasn’t a clue how to run government

TTF: I like Gobind’s stand on a lot of issues ever since he was appointed Communications and Multimedia Minister.

But this time, he’s not making sense.

Gobind implied that one could not assume objections were not raised during Cabinet meetings just because a collective decision taken by that Cabinet does not represent the people’s views.

He insists that he and two others raised the issue of Zakir Naik at a Cabinet sitting and wants us to take his word for it.

Considering that none of us are allowed access to Cabinet, there is little we can do other than to assume that he’s telling us the truth.

Question is, was Gobind himself granted access to Cabinet meetings called by the previous administration under Najib Razak?

How would he know that ministers under the previous government did not raise objections during meetings?

Is that not what he implied when he asked Gerakan “what it has achieved in government all these years?” (see news item below)

And why would it matter to me who said what during which Cabinet meeting anyway?

Is it not the collective decision of the Cabinet that matters most, and shouldn’t that decision ultimately be championed by all ministers?

So why would I care what Gobind or Kulasegaran had to say during Cabinet meetings?

At the end of the day, did they succeed in convincing the Cabinet that Zakir Naik needed to be deported?

If they didn’t, how different are they from the Gerakan leaders who Gobind insists had “failed the people?”

SHAH ALAM: Puchong MP Gobind Singh Deo has hit back at Gerakan for criticising Indian leaders in Pakatan Harapan for supposedly lacking the will to convince the Prime Minister to extradite Zakir Naik.

“Gerakan should ask itself, what it has achieved in government all these years. What did it do? It failed the people and this is the reason why the people rejected them,” he said.

“Our position is different – we speak up in Cabinet meetings, we express the views of the people and when this became an issue, we went to the Cabinet, all three of us and we spoke out about it,” the Communications and Multimedia Minister said.

Gobind said he, Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran and Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Xavier Jayakumar had raised the issue of the controversial Muslim preacher in a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday (July 11).

“As far as I am concerned, if India or another country is able to make out the case that warrants a person to be sent back, the government should act accordingly,” he said after the launch of Pos Malaysia’s integrated parcel centre (IPC) here on Thursday (July 11).

Gerakan had earlier criticised Pakatan’s Indian leaders for being unable to keep their promises to deport Zakir, claiming that they had a lack of will and power.

Source: The Star Online


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