Guan Eng is doing exactly what I said he would do

Lim Sian See

When i had first pointed out that Guan Eng is the chief beneficiary should their Central Executive Committee (CEC) elections be declared void as he will be given a loophole to extend his term as Secretary-General from 9 years to 18 years, DAP’s Anthony Loke attacked me and said I was malicious and that Guan Eng will never do this. Gobind Singh also called me worse names.

By right, he should have been forced to step down last year but can now extend to at least the year 2021 or mid of year 2022..

Oh well…. looks like Guan Eng is indeed doing EXACTLY what I said he will do – in spite of Anthony and Gobind’s denials.

Guan Eng will now stand for re-election as Sec-Gen but does not agree he is the main beneficiary even though it will allow him to side-step the party constitution and give him a “bonus term”

“However, Guan Eng does not agree that the party’s re-election, slated for Nov 18, is a silver lining that would enable him to maintain his post until 2020.

This is because the DAP has fervently opposed the idea of re-election which was ordered by the Registrar of Societies (RoS), which ruled the party’s 2012 internal polls as invalid.”

Hello… it sounds like you are saying you are FORCED to stand and get your term extended.


HAHAHAHA… then as a sign of protest, sit out the election or decline to be Sec-Gen.

No one pointing a gun at your head to accept being Sec-Gen.

Soooo fake. It’s like “Oh… although I don’t agree in you giving me RM1 million for free but I will accept it because I am forced to accept your money”.


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