Guan Eng: movement of earth down hillslopes “not a problem”

TTF: Before coming together to discuss the issue of floods (see news item below), Lim Guan eng must explain to the people of Penang how his administration was able to ‘donate’ RM220 million to tunnel consultants but spend only RM11 million a year (on average) on flood mitigation.

During a recent flood that wrecked havoc on the island state, he went so far as to say that the movement of earth down hillslopes “was not a problem as long as it did not obstruct traffic” (READ HERE). So you see, the erosion of hillslopes doesn’t seem to be a problem for his administration, which explains why he secretly gave the developer of a Tanjung Bungah hillslope project the go ahead even before an application was submitted to the DoE (READ HERE).

Technically, there is no way the project could have obstructed traffic as the area was a construction site. So it didn’t bother Guan Eng that the site was not too far from a granite quarry that tended to loosen soil. The Chief Minister knew that even if a landslide occurred, it “was not a problem as long as it did not obstruct traffic”

Bangladeshis are living people, not traffic, you see…

GEORGE TOWN: The issue of floods remained the focus of the assemblymen – both from the DAP-led state government and the opposition – in the Penang State Legislative Assembly sitting today.

Speaker Datuk Law Choo Kiang said that of the 76 oral questions submitted for the second meeting of the fifth session of the 13th assembly, more than 20 per cent was on floods, flood mitigation projects and state government action to address the issue.

He also said that the assembly also received 654 written questions as well as two bills and two motions seeking approval.

Law said that after the tabling of the Penang Budget 2018 by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, the sitting would be adjourned and would resume from Nov 6 to 13.

The assembly will sit until all matters have been settled, he added.


The assembly will not sit on Nov 7 in view of the official one-day visit of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, to Penang.

Pulau Betong assemblyman Datuk Dr Muhamad Farid Saad reportedly said that the Barisan Nasional would submit a motion on matters related to development on hill slopes in the state.

Source: Bernama



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