Guan Eng takes pictures with family members of ‘strangers’

Lim Sian See

Yesterday, Lim Guan Eng seems to be hinting that there are more photographs of him with the Dato’ Sri who received RM19mil to stop corruption investigations into the tunnel project.

FMT reports him as saying:

“Lim also asked if the BN media were getting leaked photographs from the authorities or from the businessman.

He said there might be more than two photographs of him taken with the Datuk Seri, and perhaps even more photographs taken with his wife and family members.”

Eh? I thought your office and Ramasamy said you do not know this person well?

Now got many photographs – including those with family members?

Vell Paari insist that those photos were taken at the time when the Dato Sri started receiving the RM19mil payments – something which Guan Eng refused to admit or sue Vell Paari for it.

Also, Guan Eng is asking if it is the authorities who leaked these photos – which means the photos are not fake lor.


So what is the significance of this?

They said Guan Eng does not know this person well, now it seems that he does indeed.

Does this mean there is a possibility that he is aware of the RM19mil paid to this person to help stop corruption investigations even though Guan Eng said he is not aware and even questioned the Tunnel company?

And why was there a need to pay as much as RM22mil (including RM3mil paid to another person for the same purpose) to stop investigations?

What is the actual value of the corruption then if so much is needed just to pay off people to stop investigations?

Does it also mean that the authorities have made much breakthrough into the Penang Undersea Tunnel corruption saga?

So far, Guan Eng had refused to reveal what is the nature of his dealings and relationship with this Dato’ Sri.

Therefore Guan Eng’s desperate act of bringing out publicly-available photos of the Dato’ Sri’s wife with other unrelated people only makes the whole affair more suspicious.

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And last week Guan Eng said he was unhappy with the explanation.

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