Guan Eng, will you now release photos of the Dato’ Sri’s children with BN leader too?

Dato’ Eric See-To

Instead of explaining his relationship with the Dato’ Sri who received RM19mil from the Penang Undersea Tunnel company in an effort to stop investigations into the Penang Tunnel corruption, Lim Guan Eng has now resorted to bringing out two photos of the Dato’ Sri’s wife with two BN ministers.

Given the level of desperation, can we expect Guan Eng to show photos of the MACC suspect’s children with various other personalities in an effort to provide excuses for himself?

Firstly, the wife is a media personality whose job would invariably include meeting government leaders. I am sure all persons in those photos were wearing shoes too.

Secondly, those photos were uploaded to her public social media account by her – unlike Guan Eng.

Thirdly, the Penang Undersea Tunnel company did not state that they had paid the wife RM19mil. Neither was she remanded for 11 days by MACC like her husband was.

Fourthly, none of the two BN ministers who took pictures with the wife have any involvement with the Penang Tunnel scandal – unlike Guan Eng.

This desperate move comes after Guan Eng had previously shown a photo of the Star Media Group’s Wong Chun Wai with the Dato’ Sri only to see this move backfire spectacularly when Wong was able to point out that his photo was at a public event with many other persons and can point out the date, the event, the time as well as the reason why that photo was taken – all the reasons that Guan Eng has not been able to provide for his two photos.

The Penang CM’s office had brushed off the first photo implying that the CM is not close to this MACC suspect – only for a second photo to emerge which shows that the relationships is deeper that what the CM’s office suggest.


Guan Eng should take note of MIC’s Vell Paari statement today where in no uncertain terms he said he was certain that the first photo was taken in the house of the MACC suspect in July 2017 while the second photo was taken in August 2017 in the backseat of the Penang Tunnel company CEO’s car.

Vell Paari’s dates would place those two photos to be at the time when the suspect had started receiving the RM19mil payments from the Penang Tunnel company to stop MACC investigations into the scandal which may cause RM20.5 billion losses to the Penang people.

Guan Eng should now heed Vell Paari’s advice to sue him for defamation if what he said is untrue or make a police report if those two photos were not genuine.

However, it is better for Guan Eng to come clean and explain your relationship with the MACC suspect before more such photos or videos start showing up.

Source: Eric See-To



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