Guan Eng, you are DAP’s no 1 and can’t even answer questions by MCA’s no 2?

Lim Sian See

On Monday, Lim Guan Eng accused MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong of being dishonest.

“This is only the fourth day of Chinese New Year, please stop lying,” he told a press conference.

Lim was responding to a report in The Star, which quoted Wee highlighting the possibility of the chief minister contesting against him for the Ayer Hitam parliamentary seat in Johor.

So far what Guan Eng said is fine as it was The Star that had misquoted Ka Siong of saying Guan Eng wants to contest there when what Ka Siong said is that DAP was reported to be sending their “strongman” there to contest.

(The Ayer Hitam seat had suddenly become ultra-important to DAP ever since Ka Siong had started questioning Guan Eng about the dodgy Penang Undersea Tunnel project).

However, the next part of what Guan Eng said shows how arrogant he is.

Guan Eng claimed that Wee was using him to promote himself.

“When did I ever say I would contest in Ayer Hitam? Please do not use me to do your self-promotion.

“You must remember you are number two in MCA.

“If there is any contest, it should be number one against number one,” added the DAP secretary-general.

Guan Eng, with your arrogance and your multiple corruption scandals that could land you in jail, do you really think you can be number one forever?

Even if you are number one, you still cannot answer the number two from MCA properly about the Penang Tunnel scandal without lying.

You cannot spell BIADAP without the letters “D, A and P”.

Source: Lim Sian See