Hanya Allah SWT tahu betapa mulianya insan bernama Zahid Hamidi ini

Badek SF

Me and this man, Zahid Hamidi

Standing behind him I saw the true colours of life.

Though people scoff him off with thousands of slanderous words,

I, Badek, who always stood behind him affirmatively, know how his true a man he is. How honourable his heart is.

This leader has never failed to fulfill his 5 times daily prayers regardless how busy his daily schedule is.

This leader is a ‘father’ to thousands of orphans who he never once neglected.
This leader is a ‘father’ to thousands of Tahfiz children who he never once failed to defend.

This leader build thousands of mosques and suraus.
This leader is also a syiar fighter of ahli sunnah wal jamaah…
For the sake of Allah SWT,
He is always humble.

His lips is always with Tasbih and Zikirrullah.
His ‘Malayness’ never left him throughout his entire life, his ‘kampung’ values are pure and genuine.

Say what you may,
Though I am an ordinary guy, I’m the one who will always stand by his side…
I will never set him aside even though it costs me my life…
Only Allah SWT knows better…

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