Hello, Guan Eng, don’t talk kok about ECRL to eclipse your tunnel ‘collapse’

Lim Sian See

Lim Guan Eng is a master spinner. No wait – I take that back. He’s probably the worst spinner Malaysians have seen to date.

  1. The SPV for ECRL is 100% owned MOF Company. The SPV for Penang Undersea Tunnel is 100% private owners.
  2. The ECRL is a G-to-G deal signed with China with the contract being a China-state owned company.

The Penang Tunnel was positioned as a G-G deal with China by the Penang Govt but now turns out that both the China companies are no longer involved in the project and the promised shareholders have changed substantially.

  1. The ECRL has now started construction – about 6 months after signing. The Penang Tunnel project has yet to start construction despite signing 5 years ago while the Penang Tunnel SPV is now making lots of money doing a luxury condo project on state land given to them by Penang Govt as “payment”.

*Hello Tokong… why you divert to ECRL? You cannot answer the dodginess on the Penang Tunnel is it?*

Source: Lim Sian See