Hey Puad, what’s up with the attitude?

TTF: Hey friend, what is it that you’re looking for:

  • A handshake each time you solve a problem? 
  • A trophy each time you come up with a brilliant idea?
  • A limousine each time you want to go home?

Always remember this Puad – it is not for you to set the standards by which you should be judged or rewarded. You’re sitting right up there, earning that big fat pay-check, while people of good conscience are doing a million other things you couldn’t possibly do – for free. Yet, you sit there whining just because Najib exercised his discretion by not including your name in the GE14 candidate-list?

Friend, apa cerita ni?

I mean, aren’t you the guy who’s supposed to ensure a healthy and balanced “reciprocation of views and ideas” between the people and Government of Malaysia (GoM)? How are we to count on you to “channel those views and ideas” when you yourself seem to have everything positioned backside up?

Seriously, where did they pick you up from?

Are you one of those guys who latched on to the coattails of some influential fellow who helped skyrocket your career with high powered fuel? Given your Kim Jong-un styled rants, I don’t think I’m that far off – you do seem to lack the required skillset to administer diplomacy in your interactions with higher authority. 

Which is why, I honestly think that Barisan made the right choice by not fielding you as candidate. I, for one, wouldn’t want an attention-craving wise-crack like you to come within a ten-foot pole’s reach of where I am. If I were you, I’d quickly rush to the nearest airport after reading this and book the first flight there is to Timbuktu.

Once I’m there, I’ll sit by the beach and rethink my life before ever deciding to come back.



KUALA LUMPUR, April 25 — Datuk Puad Zarkashi has quit his position as the Special Affairs Department (Jasa) chief, in what is seen as a response to Umno not selecting him to contest the Batu Pahat seat in GE14.

The Umno leader took to Facebook to explain his decision, saying that defending the government through Jasa has been a thankless job and that he expects many people to criticise him for his decision.

“Even though defending the government through Jasa seems like it is thankless, but resigning my position is the best move,” he wrote.

Puad denied that today’s decision was because he was upset at being dropped as a GE14 candidate.

He said that even though he had not been fielded in the 1999 and 2004 elections he remained loyal to Umno.

He also said that his loss in 2013 was due to a “Chinese tsunami”, but questioned why other leaders who lost back then have been fielded again for GE14.

“In this election, I was dropped as a candidate without any consultation even though I am a supreme council member, Jasa director and Umno division head.

“That is why I am even more convinced that Umno’s selection process this time is faulty and corrupted, when the deputy prime minister said that the reason why I was f being dropped as a candidate was because of a drop of support for BN in Batu Pahat,” Puad said.

“How can there be a drop in support when Batu Pahat Umno has managed to increase voters by almost 7,000 people so much so that the parliamentary seat is now among the top five seats which has the highest number of Malay voters in Johor?” he added.

Puad questioned whether Umno would haul him up for his remarks today, but quickly pointed out that Terengganu Umno leader Datuk Seri Ahmad Said was spared any disciplinary action despite his past attempt to remove Datuk Seri Ahmad Razif state mentri besar.

Both Ahmad Said and Ahmad Razif will be defending their state seats in GE14.

“Our system is definitely faulty when immoral candidates are chosen. Candidates that do not help the party are also chosen,” Puad said.

Haliza Abdullah was named as BN’s candidate for Batu Pahat, supplanting Puad who had been expecting to be fielded.

This prompted talk that he may resign from Umno and Jasa to contest the seat independently. He is still an Umno member.

On Monday, Zahid said Puad was free to contest as an independent, if he so desired, but urged him to accept the decision and demonstrate loyalty to the party.

He also reminded Puad that the latter ran unsuccessful for the same seat in 2013, but was still appointed a senator and the chief of Jasa.

In the 2013 general election, Puad lost to PKR candidate Mohd Idris Jusi by 1,732 votes.

Source: The Malay Mail Online



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