How to sign the People’s Declaration

Dear Malaysians,

Minutes ago, Pergerakan Malaysiaku Tanahairku published a People’s Declaration (READ HERE) which we are seeking Malaysian Citizens to study and thereafter, support. In light of this, I have provided a link (SEE BELOW OR CLICK HERE) to an online petition which Malaysians can now trace and thereafter sign if the declaration conforms to their views, aspirations and beliefs.

Do it because you believe in Malaysia. Do it because you believe in you. But most importantly, do it because you believe that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and that the government of the day must always be held accountable for its actions no matter how imperative or trivial those actions may seem.


Raggie Jessy

Ketua Pergerakan Malaysiaku Tanahairku

Link to Petition: