Huan: DAP should be banned for disrupting racial harmony

“If DAP rules Penang for two more years, even the sand and trees could be sold off”

KUALA NERUS: Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM) has called for DAP to be banned as the party is seen as often disrupting racial harmony in the country and regarded as a rabble-rouser.

PCM vice-president, Datuk Huan Cheng Guan said he wanted the Registrar of Societies to take action against DAP before it could destroy the racial peace and harmony in the country.

“DAP is only out to sow hatred in society, instigating the people,” said Huan who was invited by PAS to speak at the Fastaqim 2.0 programme at Pantai Tok Jembal, here, yesterday.

He claimed that throughout the nine years of ruling Penang, DAP had only brought misery to the people.

“During the nine years, the water tariff has increased four times and shop rentals by 100 per cent, while the houses built are not affordable but can only be viewed, and land indiscriminately sold off.

“If DAP rules Penang for two more years, even the sand and trees could be sold off,” he said, followed by thunderous applause from some 200,000 PAS members and supporters.

Huan said what DAP wanted was not the power to rule and serve the public, but solely to serve the interest of the party and individuals who craved for positions.

“DAP is cooperating only with habitual U-turn makers. Their own leader was charged in court for corruption, so how to be a national leader?” he said.


Source: Bernama

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