I am Malay and Muslim and proud of it

The Chinese and Indians are playing the race and religion card. The Malays are worried that if they do the same they will get called racists and extremists. As Tun Musa Hitam once said 30 years ago, the Malays should no longer be scared of being kurang ajar. The Malays must stand proud and shout, “I am Malay and Muslim and proud of it.”


Raja Petra Kamarudin

“Azmin Ali Prefers PAS To Chinese Support?” asked KTemoc Konsiders (READ HERE). KTemoc Konsiders was quoting Zulkifli Sulong’s article ‘PKR could gain PAS but lose friends and allies, warns analyst’. Zulkifli used to write for Harakah and is now with The Malaysian Insight.

This is their assumption regarding the Chinese support:

“There is a big possibility that Chinese voters will abandon PKR if it patches things up with PAS. Just a 20% swing in the Chinese vote will cause PKR to lose all its seats in Selangor. The IDE study found that only 1% of Chinese in Selangor would support PAS. If their anger at PAS is transferred to PKR for cooperating with it, PKR is finished in Selangor.”

“There is unlikely to be anymore Chinese support for PAS but Institut Darul Ehsan fears the ‘dislike’ virus may spread across to a slutting PKR, wakakaka, which may see the demise or near decimation of the so-called Reformasi Party in Selangor. PKR’s continued slutting with PAS has deeply disappointed its Pakatan allies because any compromise with PAS will adversely affect Amanah and Pribumi.”

In another report today, ‘Probable Scenarios Of GE14’ (READ HERE), it says:


“The first scenario. This time UMNO’s seat will lose 15 to 20 seats, out of 88 seats in the GE13. Therefore, in this election UMNO will be left with 68 to 73 seats. This scenario is assuming that every “meaningful split” being faced by UMNO would result in a more severe split than before, and translates into a kind of electoral result. This would mean that UMNO’s performance in 1999 as compared with 1995 was worse than their 1990 result as compared with 1986.”

“The second scenario. This time UMNO will not only perform worse than before, but also demonstrates the worse fall in history, reducing by 25 to 30 seats. If this is the case, in the GE14 UMNO will be left with 58 to 63 seats. This scenario is considering the fact that out of the former UMNO leaders who have led the opposition coalition in the past to challenge UMNO, the highest ranking one was a former Deputy Prime Minister.”

The article then goes on to talk about the Chinese and Indian votes and how it is going to impact the Umno-led Barisan Nasional and DAP-led Pakatan Harapan.

Different ‘experts’ have a different opinion on the possible outcome of the next general election or GE14 expected not later than August 2018. But that is not what we want to talk about because invariably every person has his or her own view. What is more important than the conclusion they have arrived at is the fact that everyone talks about Malay votes, Chinese votes, Indian votes, Muslim support, and so on.

In short, never mind who is doing the analysing and never mind what conclusion they have come up with, in the end it all boils down to race and religion. Race and religion will determine the result of the next general election.

And all these ‘experts’ bank on one very important factor. And that factor is the Chinese and Indian voters will ‘block vote’ while the Malay voters will be fragmented. In other words, the majority of the Chinese and Indians (expected at around 90%) will all vote for one coalition — in this case the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan — and will not give a single vote to Umno (Malay party) and PAS (Islamic party), while the Malays will be divided into Umno, PAS, PPBM a.k.a. Pribumi and PAN a.k.a. Amanah.




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