If Guan Eng were UK’s Finance Minister, he’d even get Mr Bean to donate

The Phantom of the Pakatan Opera

Malaysians were shocked and angered when Finance Minister suddenly declared that our national debt was no longer RM680 billion or 50.8% of GDP but RM1 trillion or 80.3% of GDP) after Lim Guan Eng suddenly added in off-balance sheet guarantees and PFI lease payments.

The official debt of the United Kingdom is £1.79 Tillion at the end of December 2017, equivalent to 87.7% of gross domestic product (GDP),

If Lim Guan Eng was the Finance Minister of United Kingdom, he will add on another £4 trillion in off-balance sheet contingent liabilities and say the previous govt hid all these numbers and lie to to people.

He would also add another £222 billion in PFI lease payments.

He would then announce that the true UK’s national debt is now £6 Trillion or equivalent to 400% of GDP – instead of 87.7% officially announced before.

He will then launch Tabung Harapan UK where David Beckham and Mr Bean will donate £100 each.

The USA govt had reported that its national debt was US$21 trillion (105.4% of GDP) as at end March 2018.

If Guan Eng was the Finance boss of the USA, he would also add the US$70 trillion in off-balance sheet that the USA has and announce that the true national debt of the USA is US$91 Trillion and is now 457% of GDP.

Guan Eng will then announce the Tabung Harapan USA where rich rappers will donate their guns and crack cocaine to help “Save the USA”.

Do you now see how the public is now played in Malaysia so that THESE PEOPLE won;t have to fulfill their manifesto promises while still being able to blame the previous govt for their failure?

Source: The Phantom of the Pakatan Opera