If the guy’s good, the guy’s good

Mak Khuin Weng

BN has unveiled their candidates for the Damansara Parliament Constituency, so I suppose it is time too that I declare my support for BN candidate Mr Tan Gim Tuan.

Still around? Good. Stay awhile and let me tell you a bit more about GT – as that is what many of his friends call him – and why he deserves your vote as well.

I first got to know GT around March 2014 when I and several resident leaders came together to fight against the Kidex highway project.

We formed the Say No to Kidex group and engaged Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives to find out more about the project and provide a proper rebuttal on why the project was not good for Petaling Jaya.

We had asked our elected ADUNs and MPs to hand over the Environmental Impact Assessment Report and the Traffic Impact Assessment Report for the Kidex highway project. Depending on who we asked, we were told that the documents were under the Official Secrets Act or that the Selangor government simply did not have those documents.

The ADUNs and MPs deemed their job done when they held press conferences to call on Barisan Nasional to release those documents. It was because of this treatment by DAP representatives that I engaged BN representatives instead.

So I messaged the former PJ Utara MP Chew Mei Fun to get help. She directed me to the new MCA PJ Utara chairman GT. GT was immediately helpful and got us a meeting with the Works Minister Datuk Fadhillah Yusof.

During that meeting, we argued for the right to study the documents. GT and former Kampung Tunku ADUN Datuk Wong Sai Hou also spoke up on our behalf and said the documents should be released to us, despite protests from MHA officials and Kidex Sdn Bhd representatives that we should not be given those documents.


It was because GT stood by us, the Works Minister ordered for the project’s Environmental Impact Assessment Report and Traffic Impact Assessment Report to be released to us. Those documents allowed us to point out the flaws in the studies that justified the project and allowed us to seek support from other NGOs both local and international to debunk the need for the RM2.4 billion highway.

So my initial impression of GT is that of a person who would honor his word. GT said he would help and help he did.

But that is not the only reason why I’m backing his candidacy.

In the months and years since, he has asked me about development rules and spoken up against MBPJ approved development projects that did not follow those rules. GT was willing to learn about development rules, which I can assure you is a terribly boring subject.

In fact, part of the manifesto that he will reveal soon has been drawn up based on how unjust and unfair the public is treated when it comes to obtaining information about development projects.

The practice under Pakatan now is that they will tell you that you have no right to object against a development project because the Rancangan Tempatan Petaling Jaya 1 and 2 has been approved and that the government are only inviting people to meetings to negotiate a better deal for residents.

You cannot gain access to the development plans prior to the meeting, so the meeting ends up more like a briefing session.

I have always argued that if you are being called to a meeting, then there has to be an official invite letter from MBPJ and a copy of the development plans should be made available to the residents going for the meeting to ensure that everyone was on the same page and providing meaningful feedback.

Well, GT is adopting this argument and part of his manifesto will tackle this very issue and not only ensure that all future development projects provide the development plans to the public, it will also have a step-by-step guide on what the residents’ rights are.

This is why I’m supporting GT’s candidacy and will speak up for him.

Source: Mak Khuin Weng



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