IGP Istanbul trip, PH quarrels and GLC purge to come

“In private, Mat Sabu has been expressing his reservations on Azmin for many years. Azmin shunned Mat Sabu in his later years as Selangor MB. His refusal to remove PAS from Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat government remained a sore point for the Amanah president”

Another Brick in the Wall

The Istanbul trip by IGP, Tan Sri Fuzi Harun was exposed by Sarawak Report to be an office holiday trip, but it was a working visit arranged by National Totalisator Board (NTB) on matters regarding online illegal gambling.

As soon as the story broke out, unqualified Accountant and failed Economist Lim Guan Eng sprang into defensive mode. Whether he is telling the truth or usually lying, he told MMO that Treasury did not pay for it and claimed Ananda Krishnan’s number forecasting Da Ma Cai operation paid the trip.

What he is saying is Treasury refused to pay for the trip and he requested NTB to arrange Da Ma Cai to sponsor. Sabahkini2 has similar view. As one owner of a gambling license said, a Minister’s request is as good as an order and they will have to secede.

Dato Dr Asyraff Wajidi was angered by Guan Eng’s insensitivity. However, there is political implication behind the facade of a typical Guan Eng’s lack of familiarity with proper administrative practise.

Blogger Flying Kick see it as DAP’s first salvo against Tun Dr Mahathir for turning on his word and accept 7 UMNO MPs into PPBM.

Putting Ananda’s company in the spotlight is symbolic.

It is an open secret that illegal gambling operators in Selangor are protected by DAP. Police raids are ineffective without cooperation from DAP state exco-in-charge of local council to withdraw business operating license.

More so, DAP also has more than a half century of history with the police and Special Branch Officers such as Fuzi Harun.


Rumour within police force is the next IGP could still be from Special Branch. Something Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang will not be pleased!

Anwar had enough

As far as the jump of 7 UMNO MPs, it is “old game” and known players within expected move, commented Dato Dr Jamil Khir. According to the original plan, the 2nd phase is 16 to be led by Dato Seri Shahidan dan last phase for the balance led by Dato Hishamuddin.

Only difference is this time DAP and PKR has lost their level of tolerance. Ronnie Liew statement usually reflect the sentiment of Lim Kit Siang.

For Anwar, he had enough and made his move. In reaction to exclusion of himself or his wife from the NEAC 2.0, Anwar has finally made his move!

He said he expect to takeover within 2 years. Rumour have long been floating and this blog have mentioned several times that Anwar wants it as soon as March next month.

Otherwise, expect a vote of no confidence by the next Parliament seating on March 11th. The Speaker of the House is allied with DAP.

Azmin have been given the ultimatum to bring back all his MPs back to PKR. A source claimed he may have wavered when told to ponder that Mahathir’s days on earth is numbered.

Many sources have been talking about Mahathir needing frequent hormone injections to keep going.

The presence of Azmin staunch supporter, Deputy Minister Shamsul Iskandar during Anwar and Wan Azizah’s visit of Azmin at his Ampang home has its significance.

Azmin need to be in PPBM to aspire to be next PM.

For DAP, they have practically got everything their way, but still not satisfied with appointments at GLCs and voices are still calling for GLC reform. All targeting at Tun Daim.

The announcements on NEAC 2.0 and Debt Rationalisation Comittee by PMO may not be accepted well. The hands of Daim orchestrating through his fourth wife’s brother is obvious.

The economist have been demanding mainstream coverage for his not quite newsworthy views. For a one research sensation, he get positioned into important and strategic committees. Rumour has it he demanded membership on the Board of Directors of strategic GLCs.

For a macroeconomist, he seemed unexpectedly capable with the task to dismantle few institutions for another round of privatisation. That should put the political and economic situation in perspective.

Mahathir is increasingly seen by PKR and DAP to have no interest to pursue the path of reform and remained in his old ways.


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