Ijok land scam: When Wan Azizah tried to negotiate terms on LBCN’s behalf

TTF: Azmin, let’s not turn the Ijok land scam into the Penang Undersea Tunnel Part 2, shall we? As it is, the rakyat is sick and tired of Cheat Minister Lim Guan Eng and the multimillion kickback scheme he’s desperately trying to keep hidden from authorities. So please, stop the Tokong-style spinning and start owning up to the people of Selangor by furnishing them with legitimate answers.

To help kick things off, allow me to refer you to events as they unfolded in the late nineties. Back then, the group of Ijok settlers you referred to (see news item below) undertook to consign some land to the Selangor government by means of legal authority. The state government, in turn, undertook to grant a Joint-Venture (JV) concern involving both LBCN Development Sdn Bhd and Mujur Zaman Sdn Bhd the right to develop that land (hereinafter referred to as the “disputed land”).

As part of an agreement, the settlers were promised a house each and some cash in hand by the aforementioned developers in return for their right to develop the said land. However, the JV company hit a snag not long after and was forced to abandon the development project. When Khalid took over as Menteri Besar, he invoked his power as head of government to confiscate the disputed land, thereby forestalling plans by the banks to auction that land in the nick of time.

Now, LBCN and Mujur Zaman were companies that had Dato’ Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan written all over them one way or the other. When Khalid undertook to freeze projects in areas adjacent to the disputed land as a measure of contingency, Khairuddin is said to have felt the pinch and may have gotten the guys at LBCN to persuade Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to meet Khalid. 

As it turns out, a very stupid and gullible Wan Azizah did indeed head for Khalid’s office without realising that Khairuddin was the guy responsible for ’50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Tidak Boleh Jadi PM’. After drumming some sense into the PKR president’s head, it is Faekah Husin who is said to have briefed her on what was going on and why Khalid did what he did.

Then, following the democratic thievery that Rafizi Ramli and gang committed against Khalid, Azmin swooped in, got sworn as Menteri Besar (MB) and undid all that Khalid did. Not only did the new MB hand over the disputed land to LBCN and Mujur Zaman on a silver platter, he even assisted the companies enter a deal that is said to be to the tune of RM1.2 billion.

It appears that deal had to do with the sale of the disputed land, meaning, the settlers were shortchanged when they were paid only a fraction of the sale value as compensation. Question is, who is keeping the rest of the money? Why all the secrecy, Azmin, and why the need to treat the settlers as if they are pariahs? 

Can we have some answers please?



SHAH ALAM: The Selangor state government today showed no interest in resolving the compensation and housing issues raised by Ijok settlers, following the state’s contentious RM1.18 billion land deal with two developers.

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Azmin Ali today said the state had got nothing to do with the settlers now, since they were the ones who had signed off their lands and accepted the offer made.

“Which settlers? Who are they (settlers who asked for better compensation and housing as well as penalty payment for the late building of houses)?

“Give me their names. Because they were there (when the deal was signed) and the fact is that they have signed and accepted the offer. So, what is the issue now?” Azmin told NSTP when met at the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Building here today.

Several Ijok settlers had raised their dissatisfaction with the compensation (RM180,000 compensation per settler) that was paid to them.

They claimed that the compensation paid was based on the value of the 880ha land in year 2000, but the land was sold to the two companies according to the current market price.

They were also unhappy with the type and size of houses offered, which they claimed were not what was initially promised by the state government.

The landowners and settlers had also requested the state government’s intervention to ensure developers paid late penalty fees for the delay in building their homes. © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd

Source: Yahoo! News



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