Ijok land scandal (Part 2): Possible conflict of interest

Dato’ Eric See-To

2. Possible conflict of Interest.

Documents sighted by us together with R.Sivarasa’s admission that he and his firm Daim and Gamany was appointed as the lawyer to represent the interests of the settlers during their settlement claims also raises questions of possible conflict of interest (in fact, the firm’s lawyers seems to be stacked with opposition leaders and PKR members).

R.Sivarasa is a PKR member and a Member of Parliament in the state of Selangor.

Whereas the Selangor Government who approved the settlement is run by PKR where the Menteri Besar is also the Deputy President of Sivarasa’s party, PKR as well as a fellow Member of Parliament in Selangor.

How did this situation take place? Perhaps R.Sivarasa could have excused himself from representing the settlers due to this possible conflict of interest.

Did this law firm tell the settlers that their land was going to be sold for RM1.18 billion and that the two companies that have failed the settlers for 18 years will be getting RM880mil while the settlers will only get RM300mil?

Did the law firm inform the settlers that the buyer of the land intends to develop a RM15 billion Gross Development Value project on the settlers’ former lands?

Such information would have helped the settlers – many of whom are old and less educated – make a more informed decision whether to take up the offer to settle.

Source: Eric See-To