Ijok MACC Arrests: Why were 3rd parties, consultants paid RM262mil?

Dato’ Eric See-To

1. Over the past few days, news reports state that the MACC has detained 7 persons from at least 5 companies and frozen at least RM86.7mil in bank accounts.

2. In response, PKR’s Subang MP R. Sivarasa, Amanah’s Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad and Dzulkifli Ahmad, issued a joint statement yesterday that had criticized the MACC’s actions.

3. Primarily, these Pakatan leaders are upset that four persons from a consulting company were arrested as Pakatan claim that these four had supposedly “helped resolve the dispute over the land and provide an amicable solution to all involved.”

4. Many will find it strange for Pakatan Harapan leaders to leap out in defense of this 3rd party consulting group.

5. The presence or involvement of this 3rd party consultants in this controversial sale of the settlers land for RM1.18 billion had previously never been disclosed by the Pakatan Selangor Government.

6. Searches by us in a related law suit over this land in August 2017 shows that at least RM262.7mil out of this RM1.18 billion has been paid to 3rd parties comprising mostly of consulting companies and an individual.


7. That particular lawsuit also reveals that the Selangor Government is not only fully aware of such payments further stating that the Settlement Agreement, the Supplemental Settlement Agreement and the Consent Judgment were entered into with the full knowledge, support and sanction of the Selangor State Government.


8. Also of note is that the consulting group referred to by the three Pakatan leaders in their joint statement is shown to receive RM101.6mil

9. This is something that the settlers will find hard to accept as various Pakatan leaders had told us that the settlers had only received RM300mil out of the RM1.18 billion while 3rd parties firms received RM262,7mil – almost as much as the settlers received even though it was their land that was sold for the RM1.18 billion.

Were the settlers told of such 3rd party payments?

10. Selangor Pakatan leaders should now come clean and explain what role and why did the 3rd party companies played to justify receiving RM262mil out of the RM1.18 billion.

11. They should also declassify and reveal the full Settlement agreement and Supplemental Settlement agreements in order to provide full transparency of who else shared in the RM1.18 billion payment.

12. Many unanswered questions continue to plaque this growing Ijok Scandal. In particular:

a. Instead of sanctioning a side private deal, why didn’t the Selangor Govt sell this land in an open tender where it is possible to receive sales prices closer to market value of RM35psf to RM65psf instead of just RM12.34psf and causign the state government to forego at least RM3 billion in profits?

b. Why did the Selangor Government think it is just and fair that settlers only receive RM3.13psf for their land?

c. Who appointed the new settlers committee to negotiate with the state government that suddenly replaced a long existing committee?

d. Was R.Sivarasa’s firm’s services as the lawyer who represented the settlers paid by the two crony companies as stated in a FAQ distributed by his law firm to the settlers? Is this a conflict of interest?

Source: Eric See-To



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