Ijok: What happened to your win-win?

Dato’ Eric See-To

For the second day running, the Selangor MB office has tried to wash its hands off the RM1.18 billion sale of Ijok land – saying that this is a private affair and the State Govt has nothing to do with it.

Two current and one former Pakatan Harapan MPs have also parroted the same “Private deal” line.

Do you really expect people to simply forget that for almost a month, various personalities from the Pakatan Selangor Govt including the Selangor MB officer had been telling us it was a win-win solution, that they have “helped” settlers end their 20 years wait and even detailed how the RM1.18 billion?

Now that seven persons have been remanded and RM87mil in bank accounts have been seized along with the shocking news that at least RM262mil out of the RM1.18 billion has been paid to 3rd party consultants, the Selangor people are now told that the state govt has nothing to do with the RM1.18 billion sale.

The arrests had come after the MACC said they had done a full forensic audit of these RM262mil that went to pay 3rd party consultants and companies.

It seems that the Selangor Govt’s operation “cuci-tangan” (hand washing) has well and truly begun.

The Selangor Govt continues to refuse to answer any of the rakyat and the settlers’ questions and prefers to outright deny any involvement saying it is a “private deal”.

These questions are contained here: https://www.facebook.com/EricSeeTo/photos/a.1616864194992633.1073741828.1613712091974510/1915421761803540/?type=3


Official court documents says that the RM1.18 billion sale of 2,200 acres of land had, and I quote, “the full knowledge, support and sanction of the Selangor State Government”.including how the money is divided.

The court documents also said that this are contained in the Settlement Agreement, the Supplemental Settlement Agreement and the Consent Judgment.

If you do not have the courage to answer those questions I listed above, perhaps you can just simply reveal all these three documents so that the rakyat can judge for themselves whether or not if the Selangor Government had any involvement in the RM1.18 billion sale as you claimed?

It is a simple request.

Source: Eric See-To



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