Is the opposition pact losing sight of purpose?

Salleh Said Keruak

It appears that the opposition pact’s main purpose in GE14 is in fielding candidates in either sure-win constituencies or in defeating certain targetted candidates from Barisan Nasional. The opposition is treating GE14 like a popularity contest to see which side’s candidate is more popular.

The purpose of general elections is to choose the better government or the best government for the country. General elections are not contests between egos and to see who wins the personality contests. It is about who can better-run the country and the future of Malaysia.

The opposition pact is sending the wrong message to Malaysians. Challenging so-and-so to contest in a certain constituency to prove he is ‘anak jantan’ is not what democratic elections is all about. This is not a boxing match to prove who is ‘lagi gagah dan berani’. What happened to the concept of service to the rakyat?