Is this why Mahathir tried to stop RCI proceedings?

Lim Sian See

Today’s RCI proceedings on the Bank Negara (BNM) RM31 billion scandal has turned up a shock comment.

P Kanason, a former auditor with the Auditor-General’s Office who was auditing BNM had questioned if the forex trading was legal.

He then talked to the then Attorney-General (AG) Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Ainum binti Mohamed Saaid, who said it was not legal and not in compliance with the requirements of the Central Bank Malaysia Act and a written reply would be given soon.

No such written reply was given so the auditor asked the AG what happened.

The auditor was then told by the Attorney-General that they cannot act to stop BNM or expose the crime as ‘orang atasan cakap jangan campur tangan’.

“I got a shock of my life,” the auditor revealed.

Who is this orang atasan who is so powerful that he can stop our Attorney-General then from acting on the illegal acts?

Effectively, this “orang atasan” hid and endorsed illegal acts for years that exposed Malaysia to billions of ringgit in losses every day for 3 years.


Is this why Mahathir and his lawyers have tried to stop the RCI from proceeding 4 times already – not including today where Mahathir’s lawyer had asked the RCI Chairman to retract his summary that RM31.5 billion (easily RM100 billion today) had been lost?

Pakatan supporters should not worry about their chairman as he had already said he will not resign even if he is found guilty.

He is after all, the Mahafiraun who does not know shame and is above all laws as the country belongs to him.

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