It is now time for reflection

Salleh Said Keruak

GE14 will be upon us in about three weeks’ time after five years of campaigning. Yes, that is how long the election campaign has lasted: five years. That is because the opposition pact started the campaign for GE14 the day after GE13.

Barisan Nasional focuses more on running the country than on attacking the other side of the political divide like what the opposition pact does. We cannot main politik every single day of our lives. There comes a time when we need to do some work.

It is now time for Malaysians to reflect what the government has achieved in the last five years. Barisan Nasional is a people-centric government. And we know the people are the boss and the people will judge us at the ballot box. And that is why we always have the peoples’ welfare at heart.

So judge Barisan Nasional on our performance and not on empty rhetoric. Making false and unachievable promises is easy. Delivering them is not so easy. But Barisan Nasional delivers what it promises, as our track record shows.