It seems DAP may end up with the lion’s share of cabinet posts

Lim Sian See

Tun Mahathir said that he will reduce the size of the cabinet to 20 ministers in the unlikely event that they win in GE14.

Already, DAP Sec-gen Lim Guan Eng had announced that 3 DAP leaders will be ministers if they win their seats -Chong Chieng Jen, Liew Chin Tong and

That is 3 already. So who else from DAP would be made a minister if Pakatan wins in GE14?
– Lim Guan Eng ?
– Lim Kit Siang ?
– Tony Pua ?
– Gobind Singh ? (this one would make sense as DAP will want to pretend to be multi-racial and have an Indian there)

That would mean that 7 out of the 20 cabinet posts will be for DAP as you do not see DAP dropping any of these names as Minister.

So, the other 3 Pakatan parties – PPBM, PAN and PKR will have to share the 13 other posts – or 4 1/3 minister posts each.

It would also be hard for DAP to deny the following from a cabinet minister post
– Anthony Loke – DAP national organizing secretary
– Tan Kok Wai – DAP Chairman.
– Teresa Kok – Token women from DAP.

Not to mention that DAP may want to include a leader from Sabah too.

And of course, there will also be ministers from Amanah which everyone knows acts as the Malay Wing of DAP.


However you slice it, it looks like DAP will have the lion’s share of the cabinet posts – just like how it will have the largest number of parliament seats in Pakatan Harapan

Source: Lim Sian See
PS. The thought of Nga Kor Ming being made a Cabinet Minister as announced by Lim Guan Eng is already enough to turn away many Malaysians from voting Pakatan in GE14.



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