It wasn’t about Islam, Mahathir or Najib. It was always about you

Raggie Jessy

The world has never been fair to you.

Yes you, the overly distrustful and spiteful one who loves to hate others for reasons none. Yes you, the one who sees a man of faith and thinks of him as a bane. It’s never about the good tidings he may have to offer or the negative predicament he may be under. It’s all about the bread and butter that’s on your table and the money to spend that shows you’re stable. Everyone else can go to hell.

They can, because it’s always been about you.

Yes you, the guy who loves to hate Muslims because hating Muslims is therapeutic. Yes you, the one who persists with condemning Islam because Islam is a religion that frightens you. You don’t want to discover the man behind the Muslim because the Muslim behind the man is talking to you. You don’t want to reason with the convert because the convert may try to influence you. You prefer to stay in your cave because the cave is where Muslims are not.

They’re not, because it’s all about you.

Yes you, the one who hates the Imam for quoting the Quran and the insightful Ustaz for guiding the ummah. Yes you, the one who hates the snake for devouring the squirrel and the gruesome hawk for hunting the snake. You hate many things in your surroundings because you lack the capacity to understand them. You make no effort to increase that capacity for your heart is filled with spite for them. Everything the Muslim does is spiteful to you.

It is, because it’s all about you.

It’s all about you and your politics and your beliefs and your theories. It’s all about you and your vision and your mission and your glory. Forget thy neighbour for his family is damned. Forget the Muslim for he is bad. Forget the Quran for the Quran is wrong. Forget the Prophet for the Prophet was lost. Forget the Hadith for the Hadith is fake. Forget the aqidah for Islam is lame. Only you know what’s best for mankind.

You do, because it’s all about you.

It’s all about you, o’ senseless one. All you want is a world that’s full of scorn. It wouldn’t matter if Jesus was your Lord. If there isn’t enough bread you’ll brandish your sword. And Krishna was not fair for enriching the enemy. He should have turned you into the King of the many. And Muhammad was biased for helping Matthias. He should have given you the throne that’s highest.

It was always about you.

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