It’s time for a Third Force

Joe Najib

Without realising, we’re actually seeing the REAL ugly side of our country’s politics exposing itself. Bit by bit. Both sides.

BN is in total disarray. UMNO folks are busy throwing and offering themselves as candidates, creating bigger fractions even at the very top. Semua nak rebut kuasa.

Untuk apa? Tanya diri Рuntuk apa sebenarnya? Nak tegakkan martabat Melayu? Nak bantu kaum Melayu dalam kehidupan harian mereka? Ataupun ada agenda yang tak semurni tujuan sebenar? Are you collectively moving towards being better? A REAL change? Or are you building yourselves again to be exactly what you were before? Tanya diri baik2.

MCA? MIC? What’s the story? Senyap je. Only WKS is being vocal. Tired of playing second fiddle to the leading component party? What are your plans? Where is the integration? Did your political beliefs and purpose die together with the election results?

Face it. Barisan Nasional needs a serious restructuring. If race-based political parties need to be dissolved, DO IT! Are you too thick-headed to accept that there are always other ways to (genuinely) look after the interest of your respective races without it being overly-political in nature? And that there are ways to do so without offending or sidelining the other races?

Hai, kalau niat tu murni dan ikhlas, banyak alternatif boleh explore.

I’m sure the breakthrough solution is a few think-tank sessions away. Headed by REAL thinkers, not freaking warlords as old as Parameswara.

I see government supporters smiling.
You wait. I’m not done.

We have seen and heard NOTHING but condescending statements from the gazillion press conferences made to date. Soon enough Guan Eng pergi berak pun invite media nak bagi tau taik dia colour apa.

HSR scrapped to HSR postponed?
MRT3 scrapped but instead must add buses?
Jual negara to China but now begging for Japanese Yen??
Country going bankrupt but can afford to give 3 months of tax break?
Cronies coming back to build resorts, airports and ANOTHER car maker?
DSN so convincingly guilty for 1MDB with solid evidence from day one, but now can’t even charge him? While a person that’s already charged in court is made a minister? What, not even going to TRY to investigate further?? Or is that why you chose a certain AG to be appointed, to conveniently drop all charges?

How much more kencing you want to spray on your supporters and the rakyat?

Dua-dua macam lahanat.

A third force is due.
If there’s a movement out there that’s heading towards an honest, progressive thinking direction, I am offering myself to be part of it. I need to be among people who listen, people I can listen to, people who are genuine in all intents and purposes.

And please, don’t tell me the current government is honest. You must be naive to think that old man has changed. Naive tahap dewa.

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