Jahabar Sadiq: A victim of bad karma

Jahabar is the least qualified person to lodge a police report regarding leaks. Jahabar sucks up leaks like a leech sucking blood. And he is earning millions just publishing leaks. And he makes even more millions fabricating ‘evidence’ and passing them off as leaks. This is called Karma. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. What goes around comes around. So stop crying like a baby and take the medicine like a man.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

(The Malaysian Insight, 15 December 2017) – The Malaysian Insight (TMI) chief executive officer and editor Jahabar Sadiq today lodged a police report over the leak of confidential information in his statement to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as part of investigations into the news portal.

In his police report, Jahabar said he discovered the leak in an article published by website Malaysian Gazette quoting Azwanddin Hamzah of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia, who alleged, among several things, that TMI’s holding company Inside Media Sdn Bhd received foreign funds.

“Azwanddin Hamzah of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia has leaked and twisted several facts I made in my statement to MCMC. I am concerned that my personal details in my statement, which are supposed to be confidential, have been leaked to Azwanddin and to the public through the article. The police should investigate how the leak happened and take appropriate action as this has eroded my faith in MCMC,” Jahabar said.

There you have it. Jahabar has made a police report against whistleblower Azwanddin Hamzah of Jaringan Melayu Malaysia. But then, since Pakatan Harapan supports and defends whistleblowers, should Jahabar not sing Azwanddin’s praises instead of making a police report against him? Why is it when the whistleblower is from Pakatan Harapan he or she is a hero while if from the other side he or she is a criminal?

Jahabar is alleging that it was the MCMC that leaked the confidential information to Azwanddin. This is merely a red herring. The leak actually came from Jahabar’s own people, The Malaysian Insight insiders. But Jahabar wants to cover this embarrassment and that is why he is saying that the leak came from the MCMC.

Why do you think the MCMC is investigating The Malaysian Insight? If not because of the leak from Jahabar’s own people there would be no reason for the MCMC to launch this investigation. Azwanddin knew about The Malaysian Insight’s money laundering long before the MCMC acted. But he could not preempt what the MCMC was going to do by lodging a police report before the MCMC does its work. Azwanddin had to wait until the MCMC acts before he acts.

In that sense Azwanddin is clever in not jeopardising the whole thing because a ‘preemption strike’ may disrupt MCMC’s investigation. Furthermore, Jabahar might destroy or tamper with the evidence, as he is so good at doing when he was in The Malaysian Insider. So it was wise for Azwanddin to wait until MCMC acts before lodging his police report.


If Jahabar wants to know where the leak came from he should look inside his own organisation. The Malaysian Insight has been receiving millions from ‘mystery donors’ and all the money is in cash. Only if the funds are illegal, or money laundering is involved, would millions change hands in cash to hide the money trail.

Jahabar knows his goose is cooked and if he is not careful The Malaysian Insight will have to close down. But he wants to hide his crime by alleging that a crime has been committed against him. This is like a rapist lodging a police report against the rape victim alleging that the rape victim seduced him with her sexy attire into committing a crime. Jahabar must have been drunk, as usual, when he made that police report.

Jahabar himself has published what can be considered confidential and/or leaked documents, some of it fake and/or doctored as well. And he justifies this by saying that this is freedom of the press and is his right to do so under a democratic system and so on. Now he goes and makes a police report when the same thing is done to him.

This is called Karma, something Jahabar should read up on. Those who live by the sword die by the sword. Or what goes around comes around, as JR Ewing would say. Why is Jahabar crying like a baby and running to the police to lodge a police report? Does he really want the police to investigate this allegation? And what if the police do investigate it and find that the allegations are true and backed by evidence? After all, Jahabar has more or less confirmed that the leak is true, which means he did receive millions in cash.

Remember what happened to Anwar Ibrahim in 1998? He also lodged a police report and the police found the allegations to be true. In fact, the police already knew about the allegations long before 1998 and the then IGP, Tun Haniff Omar, had actually met Anwar to advice him that the police have a file on the matter so Anwar had better stop his ‘activities’ before the matter ‘explodes’.

However, instead of stopping all his buggering, Anwar lodged a police report and ended up in jail. And now Jahabar is doing exactly the same thing and hence can expect the same result.

Even Ho Kay Tat has publicly asked Jahabar to openly declare his source of funds. Ho estimated it would cost at least RM6 million a year plus-plus to fund The Malaysian Insight.The current setup of The Malaysian Insight is at least RM10 million a year. So where is the money coming from? Even Ho Kay Tat is asking.




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